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  1. lee

    No joke this is a saz 1500 v1

    That was a version 2 amp; but that's besides the point.
  2. lee

    sundown saz3500 vs newer models

    Everything is different. New circuitry layout "board", fan cooled, new heatsink design etc
  3. lee

    different ufo motors?

    That link doesn't work for me, but I think I know what you're asking. At first the motor was one solid slug. With time I believe Fi was recieving too many issues on ''damage,breaking/chipping etc'' of the magnet due to shipping. I believe they started using a "pie slug" version to try and cut down on that problem. One large slug is easier to crack than multiple "pie style" slugs together. They should be fine together, but I'm sure Nick will confirm or correct me if I'm wrong here....
  4. lee

    A Chance to Win A Free Team Fi Sub!!

    I didn't win, and that just plain SUCKS!
  5. lee

    excursion room

    Saw the title and got excited.
  6. lee

    SSA NY Office | Pictures

    looks comfy, man cave style
  7. great video mark.... good to see you again
  8. lee

    An Evil Bass Race. 149.9 like a boss. Justin TeamSSA

    That may be, but your truck won hearts on some demos
  9. lee

    10 inch fibl vs 12 inch fibl

    this guy just likes to ask questions in every section. one right after another it seems.
  10. lee

    what is fi bl subs max power handeling ?

    Do people still worry about this thing called "PEAK" these days? Why waste time with such a worthless word......
  11. lee

    Dustcap color options

    right on. i only wish they would update their site/forum pinned threads right away when something new is available.
  12. lee

    Dustcap color options

    Shawn, any way to post up the new pink, and also carbon fiber? Still haven't seen that one
  13. lee

    Sundown X-15 Video on SAZ-3500D

    The look reminds me of the Eclipse subs from years ago.
  14. lee

    Death Penalty 18s

    Unfortunately, you are involved in SPL, which in and of itself forces you to test the limits of the equipment you use. Once you break into the high 50's, you reach a point where the sub system, and sometimes vehicle expose weak links and fail. To touch 58 with the limited equipment you have, and not want to continue developing the combination ( which is rewarding you ) is beyond me. At your current stage, most are doing in the field repairs after a few runs. Now, going off of what you describe above, I would suggest shrinking the enclosure down.
  15. lee

    Sub Break In

    I still don't understand why people waste their time. Then ''assume'', a moment in time in which they believe they've reached "break in". Pour the coals to it right away. If something happens, you're doing it wrong, or asking too much from your equipment / setup.
  16. lee

    SAZ-1500D v.3 Prototype In

    Is the fan a multi-stage or variable speed type depending on temperature? Curious about fan noise as im certain without a doubt i could have it full song out here in the dead of summer
  17. lee

    Sundown NS-1 Pre-Order #2

    Nice, With the 2012 lines being revised, i'm curious to see how the ns1 gets refined
  18. looks like 4 1/2 tons of power
  19. lee

    New Fi Website instore

    Should be interesting to see
  20. lee

    NS-1s Are Here !

    Glad it's finally here.
  21. Makes me realize just how long I've been here.
  22. lee

    Sundown : New 2012 Stuff

    It's quite necessary as we are actually shifting manufacturing facilities... while I'm at it I am improving them as I'd need to re-tool anyway. Interesting. They are already bad ass since the added cooling fins. Can't wait to see the changes.
  23. lee

    21" Warden and a SAZ 3500

    why do people type like this?