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  1. artg75

    quote for 1 10" DCON

    do you think the box will be bigger than this box? will it fit into the same space as the photo? i apologize for picture owner... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/louski/DSC02348.jpg
  2. artg75

    quote for 1 10" DCON

    any recommendation on what amp to use?
  3. artg75

    quote for 1 10" DCON

    ok i will tell you the measurement tomorrow...Thanks
  4. artg75

    quote for 1 10" DCON

    i think i will use option 3. i dont need the 45 degree corner. do u still need me to give u the trunk dimension? if yes then i can give it to you on monday, but if not, then please just make it so that it will fit in my trunk without sacrifying too much space please. and also please give me info on how to make the payment and shipping is to 92630 thanks
  5. artg75

    quote for 1 10" DCON

    ok thanks guys and sorry for the misunderstanding
  6. artg75

    quote for 1 10" DCON

    i'm sorry i think we misunderstood each other. what i meant was i want you to build me a box for my dcon. u build subwoofer box right?
  7. artg75

    quote for 1 10" DCON

    hi, can i have a quote for a 10" Dcon S4 300w single 4ohm enclosure. i dont really understand about tuning it ( you guys know much more than me ) or should it be ported or sealed, but i'm into sq not spl. the car is accord 2011 sedan and i try to have as much trunk space as possible. carpet will be charcoal grey thank u
  8. artg75

    quote for 10" dcon

    hi there, i got a DCON 1054 10" 300w single 4ohm sub and i wonder if u can build me a box. i'm new here so please give me some advise on the box volume etc. i want to have a sound quality setting Vehicle Make and Model:2011 accord lx p sedan Direct of Box/Subs:sub facing front Sealed or Ported:need opinion please Number of Subs: 1 Brand and Model of Subs: DCON 1054 SSA 10" 300W single 4ohm Max Dimensions:trying to save as much trunk space as possible Port Color:?? Flush Mount Ring Color (if flush mount is chosen): Carpet Color: charcoal grey Zip Code for Shipping Quote: 92630 Thanks robert