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  1. I think I would need better electrical to get a larger amplifier after seeing your responses. Now to the next issue, I need a signal processor. The factory amp is crossed over and mixes bass to the fronts, while feeding some midbass back to the subwoofer. I've been putting the sloppy bass off as just being a 15", but I know it wasn't this bad when I had an 18. My car uses a canbus system to control volume. From the front comes the canbus signal, as well as flat untouched left and right audio into the amp. My options would be to take the flat signal wired to a volume control for the subs, or a signal processor. For option 1, how would I wire it up? The signal coming into the amp is low level, so would I just wire those into RCAs and plug them into a PAC-LC1 which I already have? Option 2 being a DSP, looking online I can't seem to get the same information from two different units. Some say they rebuild bass, some say they sum the signals, etc. Option 1 is cheaper as I have everything I need, if it works, but I would have to control the bass all the time. Option 2 would give me level control normally, but costs more.
  2. So 1200 to ~2500 wouldn't be any different to the ear? As for a battery, my alternator responds very quickly but I do get very slight dimming. Would a battery solve that?
  3. Correction!! It's dual 2 ohm. I confused my self with what each amp will see when strappd. The subwoofer is a dual 2 ohm and I have the 10.1 at 1 ohm.
  4. I wouldn't really want to spend more than 400 if 400 works. .5 would run fine to the 10.1 correct?
  5. I currently have the IA 10.1 amp and a 15 inch Death Penalty with dual two ohm coils. I was worried about my electrical so I ordered a 1200w amp to be safe. My stock electrical holds at 15.2v at full tilt. It spikes down to 14.9 but quickly recovers due to the smart alternator, which is rated at 150 amps. The subwoofer definitely can handle more power. So my options would be to buy another 10.1 and strap them at 1 ohm or sell the 10.1 and buy a larger amp, DC audio 2K, or buy two other amps and strap them at 1 which would look good. Don't want to spend too much but I know another 10.1 is 400.
  6. Has anyone used a Duracell Platinum AGM battery before? It's the largest AGM I can fit under my hood, 94r. Sam's club has them for $169; http://www.samsclub.com/sams/auto-grp-94r-h7-agm-36-mo-free/prod9510086.ip?utm_campaign=bazaarvoice&utm_medium=SearchVoice&utm_source=AskAndAnswer&utm_content=Default Ford put the smallest battery possible in my car to save weight, I'm thinking they counterbalanced that by using a 150A alternator. There are two pieces that hold the battery in place that, once removed, accept a 94r. Should I go for this battery or does anyone have any other suggestions?
  7. djtomczak

    2014 Escape Death Penalty 15

    Just realized I messed up the speaker wires on the inside, wrong spots on two and two are over the washer, oops!
  8. djtomczak

    2014 Escape Death Penalty 15

    Got everything wired up today. All I need now to finish is the amp and subwoofer. Hopefully this week! Here are some pictures for now. Start!: Engine bay, so many covers! Like the look of the dash in this car: Center console: Voltage meter and volume control: Speaker wires going to where the amp will be: Inside the box: All the wires ready to go: There was a perfect channel for the power wires to go under the seat, tight but not too tight: Amp will mount on the side of the box here: Box, tools still fit in the back, was hoping they would: Grounds under the hood, black is factory: Yeah that's a full size battery stuffed in there:
  9. So I don't exactly know how, but my Galaxy note 4 had two google accounts on it. One was @gmail.com, and the other was @psu.edu. They are both the same account, just an alias. But my phone treated them as separate accounts and stored my calendar and contacts all on the @psu address. Now I factory reset my phone because it started to slow down. I go to log in and I put the @psu account in, it logs in the @gmail one. Okay, it must just want me to use both again. So I go to log in the @psu one as well, it doesn't do anything because the gmail one is already logged in. TL:DR my phone used to see two separate gmail accounts but now it sees one as an alias and only syncs the gmail account. All my data is on the psu account, HELP!
  10. djtomczak

    2014 Escape Death Penalty 15

    Box looks great, but forgot to take pictures of it. But here are some pictures of my wires. All Cadence wire, 8 gauge for the speakers, and 4 gauge for ground and power. I'm having the 4 gauge come off the other side of the circuit breaker which has 0 gauge. The ground will go to a seat bolt sanded off, unibody so nothing better. Put paste on the lugs, then filled them with solder, reheated the solder and stuck the heated wire in. Used a grinding wheel to take big chunks of solder overflow off, and the buffing wheel to smooth it out. Then put heatshrink on everything. Also threw in a picture of my nitro trucks since they were right there, another hobby of mine
  11. djtomczak

    2014 Escape Death Penalty 15

    Little update, no pictures right now will maybe get some tonight. Got a 6 foot poplar dowel 1 3/8 diameter for the bracing. Cut it and put them on the long port wall to the opposite side of the box, top to bottom, and front to back. I've never used bracing in any other box I've built, even in my 8 cube box for my 18 build. So I'll see what kind of difference it makes. Used 2 cans of rustoleom(sp?) bed liner on it last night. Plan for tonight is to get the 8 gauge soldered and ready to go on the box. I plan on drilling four holes and putting bolts through the box as speaker terminals. I've used this before and like the looks and functionality of them. This weekend I hope to put the box in and wire the circuit breaker up with my 0 Guage, then cut and solder the 4 gauge to where the amp will be. After that I'll just be waiting for my order to come. Given the 2-4 weeks build time my order should come next week or the following week. Hopefully I have some subwoofer and amp porn next week for you all.
  12. djtomczak

    2014 Escape Death Penalty 15

    I have just about every accessory for the router except a circle jig. Really no need for it up until now. A bit and wire worked suprsingly well, the hole was an eight larger than its supposed to be but it should work. A circle jig will be on the list for the next enclosure build for sure though. How is bed liner applied? Is it just from a can or can you get it for a spray gun? I was hoping to use my new automotive gun but I have a texture sprayer as well I could use. I am very happy with how the box turned out, birch is a thousand times better to work with than mdf. My last enclosures out of mdf looked awful compared to this one. And the 22ply double baffle looks really nice with the rounded edge
  13. djtomczak

    2014 Escape Death Penalty 15

    Finished the box today. Put the back and one side on yesterday. Then the last side, port, and top on today. Got it all sanded down and rounded the corners off. used a drill bit, router, and a piece of 12 gauge wire to cut the circle out and it turned out pretty well. Biscuits make for clean lines:) Port is down right now, filling in a few seams with glue to be sure they're air tight. Now after finshing the box, I don't know if I want to paint it or stain it. My original idea was to just seal in the natural woodgrain. After all the sanding the vener came through in some places and I don't think a stain would look good. So I'm thinking either just paint it matte black, or a really dark stain. Ideas?
  14. djtomczak

    IR Extenders

    Anyone ever play around with the IR extenders? I'm using my xbox as one right now, my onkyo receiver and directv receiver are downstairs in a stereo room. All the cables are ran down there from the xbox then back to my tv. The remote works great from my room. Now when I try and set the same thing up in the kitchen with a top rated IR extender kit from amazon and the same model IR eye I used for my xbox, it doesn't work. Does anyone know of any good kits or what my problem may be?
  15. djtomczak

    2014 Escape Death Penalty 15

    Bought a sheet of birch today, a-2 grade! Using the box design from the link above I took the pieces and put them in a program called "cut sheet". It takes your pieces and wood size and arranges them for best use of wood and or least cuts. Really makes it easier to cut big sheets up. Except when you make mistakes and put a piece as 20 x 14.75 rather than 30 x 15.75. I was able to catch the mistake before I got too far, but still had to add a strip to the back of the box. I used a jointer along with biscuits and glue to put the pieces together. Got half of the pieces together today, I plan on finishing the box up tomorrow after these pieces dry. Here is the port wall; Front and bottom of the box; Double layer top piece. Glue it like crazy then took a cordless nailer and threw some nails to hold it since I was using all my other clamps. Nails will be on the inside of the box so you won't see them once it is together; And I reluctantly show you the back piece, put eight biscuits in there so it should hold well. After some sanding it should look just fine. After the box is all together I am going to sand any uneven joints with a belt sander, then take a router along all the edges to round them. For a finish I am either thinking of staining or just sealing the natural wood color with polyurethane.