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  1. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    Yeah, That's what sucks about my car. I can't really fit that big of a box in my trunk Thinking about picking up a blazer or something before spring and just starting over
  2. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    That's what I kind of wanted to know, lol. Or if he notices any direct sq differences. Also - what generation BTL did you have OP? Gen 2
  3. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    That, and it was just a split second decision. before i had time to change my mind, I already had it ordered. plus I was on my third week of waiting for a recone kit for the BTL.
  4. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    I don't have a meter, but a friend of mine has a termlab. the BTL did 144.7 (music) before i upgraded my batteries / alt / wire etc. Haven,t metered it since the upgrades, but hopefully the ZCON along with the upgrades will get louder
  5. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us 30" x 30" x 15" (1" MDF) port is 28" x 3" and 32" long, tuned to around 35hz
  6. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    Damn, a spacer didn't even cross my mind. I might try that first, save some money
  7. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    I was gonna just switch them out, but the ZCON won't fit because the port runs under the sub (BTL) and it barely fits
  8. jrolph621

    FI BTL 18 or SSA ZCON?

    I have a 2002 pontiac bonneville, i have a FI BTL 18 right now, running of of an audiopipe aqx 3500. I ordered a ZCON 18 a few weeks ago and haven't built a box for it yet. The most i can get out of a box is around 6.5 cubes. Any idea which one will be better to go with? also, it's mainly for music thanks
  9. jrolph621

    From: Mechman 270a alt

    uhh.. thanks
  10. jrolph621

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I was shopping around for another sub, ended up here and saw that there was alot of info here, so I registered