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    Web Graphic Design, Photography, Car Audio, Mottocross, Trucks & so on!
  1. yzfool78

    Newwwb moment

    Nice Deck! I just bought my first Kenwood HU to try & really like it! But, its the lower version minus the blue tooth & so on... Hopefully this helps ya, its the full manual & should help ya out, although im really surprised it didnt come with a full one... My link Im one of those aswell (I should know by now lol) who dosent fully understand it all, but did get some knowledge from a post made!
  2. yzfool78

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Agreed & I apologize .. Other than what Bass Mentioned, could check out DC Audio XL or LVL5's! Just something to throw out there... Unsure of pricing on those 2 subs...
  3. yzfool78

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Lol.. Far from that! I miss read, my fault all there is to it! But, if someone is gonna be a smartass im gonna say somethin! Regardless, if I miss read, wrong or however.. Explain it, no need to be a prick. Im here to learn more about what I like doing!
  4. yzfool78

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Rofl... Then ban me ya fuk!
  5. yzfool78

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Hey, blackout, don't be a retard. Dont act a fool & it wont happen, point blank...
  6. yzfool78

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Your problem could easily be solved by re-reading. True! But, thats what I thought the OP said...
  7. yzfool78

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Hey bass, dont be a bitch.. Thought he said 2 15's...
  8. yzfool78

    Need help choosing a subwoofer

    Why not go with for new 12's? Gonna get more cone area that way & being your budget, you can have a kickass setup!
  9. yzfool78

    Help Choose Speakers

    Yeah, like bass said.. I dont see you being able to do that, honestly I dont think you can from what I know of lol... Just take it step by step man, do what ya can now & upgrade when funds allowed
  10. yzfool78

    Help Choose Speakers

    Not in the least. A propertly designed ported enclosure can easily rival the response range of a sealed enclosure while providing much more output. Very true! But, theres FQs thats not gonna quite really be as clear as a sealed. I truly dont know the full ins & outs with boxes, but just based on what ive read & so fourth...
  11. yzfool78

    Help Choose Speakers

    This is why I was leaning towards a sealed enclosure as from what I can gather it is more appropriate for a SQ setup...not to say that it wouldn't sound good in a ported box or anything. Agreed with ya on that! Im far from an expert, but IMO (However ive never used a sealed box) I think your gonna be happier with a sealed box for what your wanting to do... Keep in mind aswell, when choosing your speakers.. Are you gonna go with a silk/soft dome tweet, or do you want somethin a bit brighter like a titanium tweet & so on...
  12. yzfool78

    Morel speakers

    Morel is an awesome speaker, but have never heard that line in person... From my personal exp, the lower lines from Morel, Hertz & Rainbow are a waist money IMO... In the price range shown (which is really cheap) I think you can prob find somethin a bit better. (I know, sounds odd lol)
  13. yzfool78

    Help Choose Speakers

    If in fact hes lookin for "SQ"... Wouldnt a ported box kinda kill it being a sealed is going to have a broader range?
  14. yzfool78

    Help Choose Speakers

    Thanks for the input! So ill stay away from the Kickers then...and I am dropping a large amount (for me) on the sub and the amp for it, so maybe I shouldn't skimp on the speakers. I guess the max I am willing to spend would be ~$100 Notta prob man! Yeah, def dont want to skimp to much on your speakers, imo it can make or break the over all sound of your setup & of course the install as well. Also, later on down the road, put an amp to what ya get & will make your speakers shine even more!
  15. yzfool78

    Wire Comparisons

    Awesome job with this! Knu has always been my choice in my builds aswell, I love it!