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  1. ricxsz

    FI BL 12' for a 1600W amp

    I had the same exact setup ~3 years ago and I loved it. what ohm is your BL? is it @1 ohm actually im using a stetsom 1k6d 1750W @ 2 ohm thats why im wondering if BL can withstand the extra 250W
  2. ricxsz

    better sub for 1k6d amp.

    SPL and SQ
  3. ricxsz

    FI BL 12' for a 1600W amp

    FI BL12 @ 2 ohm.. just wondering cause it says there in there site RMS for this sub is 1500W.. lets just say all of the options are included.. enclosures still to come. i just want a single sub for a honda civic..
  4. what sub would fit this amp for daily driving.. would a Fi BL, HDC3 or DD?
  5. ricxsz

    FI BL 12' for a 1600W amp

    can a FI BL withstand a 1600W amp for daily driving? for SPL and SQ..