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  1. I had this RF 8 and it just wasent getting the job done so i had to get the sa-8, and wow what a huge difference!!! Im using the same box but had to get a better amp !
  2. timsm80

    SA-8 v.1

    thanks again man i have a Rock ford p2d48 and its just not getting the job done so i cant wait to try out this sundown and i m upgadeing my amp too!!!!
  3. timsm80

    SA-8 v.1

    well that should be good for rock since, i dont listen to rap thanks for your help!!!
  4. timsm80

    SA-8 v.1

    im really not sure its a prefab box i think its around 38???
  5. timsm80

    SA-8 v.1

    its a .6 slot ported box
  6. timsm80

    SA-8 v.1

    As in the title i really want sq and spl since i only will have one 8. it will be ported in the trunk running off 500w
  7. yea just by the looks of the 2 id say the sundown may be a little more durable..but ive heard nothing but good things about ID..
  8. have u heard the id 8
  9. I need some advise from actual users or if u actually heard either one of these ive been looking for about 2 months now and ive narrowed it down to these 2. so of only these which would u choose????? one sub setup ported in the trunk 350w @ 2ohms....thanks for the advise
  10. timsm80

    8" sub for rock&COUNTRY

    i already have an 8" setup i have a Rock fos. p2d48 and it dosent perform like i want it too but i also have a cheap amp that dosent have any power, so im replacing both! its in the trunk of a 09 malibu
  11. Which 8" sub would u use for rock?
  12. timsm80

    What 8" sub would you choose???

    Yea that seems like the most popular 8"sub in the universe. I guess im going to have to get the sa-8 when is the v2 coming out???
  13. timsm80

    What 8" sub would you choose???

    To what lithium asked yes im keeping my current box. Its. 6 ported and mounting depth is like 16" I think..just want a better performing sub..
  14. timsm80

    What 8" sub would you choose???

    Ill already have a 8" rockfosgate setup . But wanting a better quality driver