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  1. any progress done to it david and i take it it's still gonna be a burp vehicle
  2. know it's been awhile since i been on here but the vw is gone but i got another car hopefully will be done this summer but i'll still be running all ia
  3. i have a sony dsx-s310 btx with sirius tunner box $300 plus shipping 2 alpine rue -4187 remotes $10 each plus shipping 1 alpine sir-alp1 sirius tunner box $25 plus shipping 1 alpine kca-420i ipod adapter $25 plus shipping no trades
  4. http://youtu.be/P8sfNVCaukA
  5. some cars got broken into larry tollman oldbass40 on youtube had his 4 SA 10's. RD Audio D9, and T3 audio prototype 4 channel amp stolen another friend of mine dustin had his 2 dc 9k 4 sa 12s 4 c2 audio 12s D3100 IPad Galaxy s3 message me and anything you find of larry tollman contact him also
  6. there will be a 1x iasca event at 949 Customs 5415 Lamco St. Montgomery, AL 36117 USA Tel: 334-309-6226 *Registration Opens: Noon*Contest Begins: 1:00 pm *Entry Fee: *Prizes: *Other Info: This is a 1X Bass Boxing Event Only. Come out and celebrate with us. http://termpro.com/asp/officialevent...13579&Method=1
  7. yeah the new 20.1 spouse to be rated at 2400 rms and the new 6.4 gonna be rated 140 rms x4 at 4ohms and gonna be 19 volt stable that's pretty kick ass if you ask me
  8. yeah like i said before if you want a faster response call them
  9. http://youtu.be/h90GwLvnzrM
  10. so far they have annoced there deing a new version of the 20.1 and 6.4 i saw something about the 10.1 but don't really remember what they said
  11. never heard anything about this happening but i would call and double check
  12. maine tahoe has 12 incriminator audio death 12s 3 sundown ns1 12 deka group 31 battery's 3 dc power 250 or 270 amp alts american bass mids which is 2 6.5 3 10s and 2 selinuim super tweeters in each front door pioneer head unit and a ipad this system was built for daily ground pounder it's very loud and vilont http://youtu.be/6wAalrgVOkc
  13. http://youtu.be/XBlG_gAJAYE
  14. yeah his wall tunned at 27 hz he has 4 18 xl m1 on 2 sundown 3500 at .5 ohm and for battery power he has 7 xs power battery's 1 d3400 1 d6500 2 d2700 and 3 d3100 with a xs power 300 amp alt and a mechman voltage adjustable module
  15. http://youtu.be/f0P3SRbx8OA