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    SP4 vs N2

    Quick questions: So in a sealed box, SP4, with say about 2000W rms how important is it to have the space spiders? Cooling or a combination of both?
  2. armandomacedo

    what do ya think of this price for install?

    Thanks for the replys probably have him get other equipment and just have them build box. I would do sundown and powermasters but will c
  3. my bro is getting his 2008 charger sys installed. he has the subs 2 spl15 but they will need space so the box will be built into the trunk. what do ya'll think of this price? the total quote was 2200: the amp is a memphis mojo 2500 $1300 the box is $300 yellow top batt $200 it seems like im missing something but the rest is wiring, relay, amp rack, labor, and other miscellaneous. the only thing else included is the shop gives a 3 year warranty on everything they do, that includes the amp. we usually do this stuff ourself but this is out of our span and we he wants it to look pro' something we dont worry about when we do it.
  4. armandomacedo

    spl15 box size???

    My bro has some mach 5 spl15 and wants to finally do something with them. I remember he recommend 1500 rms for daily but cant remember box size. does anybody remember? the spl12 on the website say 40-70L.
  5. armandomacedo

    spl15 box size???

    thats for the spl12 (12 inch) he has the spl15 (15 inch)
  6. "A second battery is never a good idea as it's an added strain on the alternator to charge two batteries AND supply power for the car. The ONLY time a second battery is useful is if the audio system is to be used with the car off."
  7. armandomacedo

    Hifonics Brutus BXi2608D?

    everything from TEXAS is good, well except punk a#@ bush.
  8. armandomacedo

    bad news :(

    hell ya we can do that. I"m not saying it wont play it still sounds good but in the back of my mind, I know. that will eventually push me into pushing it hard until I need the recone. Nick can you get me a price quote for the recone(15" btl dual 2) and if the tensels are woven. thanks
  9. armandomacedo

    bad news :(

    I took my sub (btl) out to test out another sub and then I notice it.....damn tensels ate into the spiders. I was wondering, do the new recones come with the tensels woven into the spider? And how much would it be shipped to austin texas 78741. I'll have to wait to get it but I AM A play this one out until it dies. kinda broke. thanks
  10. armandomacedo

    bad news :(

    yeah just let me know when you come up to austin. It does suck. Now I have the urge to push it to thermal limits that way I have to buy a recone.
  11. armandomacedo

    Double front necessary?

    if the sub is dual 4 ohm, then you're correct. have fun
  12. armandomacedo

    AA MAYHEM info ??

    I thought the rms was like 1250???
  13. armandomacedo

    Double front necessary?

    http://mobile.jlaudio.com/support_pages.php?page_id=145 This should help
  14. armandomacedo

    ordering an Fi BTL

    My 2006 has not failed on me yet but I don't think it does 2000 exact. I don't know how or havent had it tested to see what the actual power output is. good luck
  15. armandomacedo

    question on New 08' Btls?

    Seems like its a secret but they do state that their specifications are just right for the new btl. good luck
  16. armandomacedo

    Folded horn style

    for personal use or sale Thumpper??
  17. armandomacedo

    Prototype Big Boy SPL Motor

    noob question. what does magnetizations do for the motor?
  18. armandomacedo

    Trunk is done..

    Im going saturday to the heat wave I'll be on the look out for his truck
  19. armandomacedo

    spl15 box recommendations

    daily and I'll get the measurements as soon as I can.
  20. armandomacedo

    spl15 box recommendations

    Its getting closer to that time, where the monies is almost ready for installation I ran a search, but didn't find anything. I figured its because they're spl subs, but what would you recommend for this bad boys on a daily setup. Thanks mark and anybody else that contributes.
  21. armandomacedo

    12W7 enclosure for Acura RSX

    very very nice
  22. armandomacedo

    Pics of Ascendant/Sundown System

    drollll, thats the shizznipple.
  23. armandomacedo

    spl15 box recommendations

    oh yeah, my bad, power will be 1500 to 2000 rms a peice. sorry, and if it is 2000 we will mount them inverted like you recommended. thanks again
  24. armandomacedo

    spl15 box recommendations

    he is about an hour away, so I haven't went down there to do the measuring g.
  25. armandomacedo

    spl15 box recommendations

    sure, it will be in a '86 cutlass and will have a 200 alt, with 2 powermasters in back, one up front, but the only thing is I havent measured the trunk but I believe it will have enough room to do whatever or a decent box for both w/ polyfill. thanks