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  1. whitetrash84

    FI SP4 Enclosure w/ DWG

    What year Camry? if It's the same style as mine, 2003, you might want to mock up a box and make sure it'll fit into the trunk. 34wx17hx24d is the outside dim of my 15" box and clears. My dual 12" box is 38x15x20 and that extra width makes it a tight fit into the opening. I have a 15" sp4 that I swap around with a pair of 12" Sundowns, keep going back and forth. Like the 12"s because I can fire both and port forward and not have to deal with any rattles. Have it temporarily sealed off right now and sounds decent. I've got a pair of n2's to go in that box when/if i get more amp. The 15" sp4 and the pair of sundown sa12s both meter about the same peak, but the sp4 is louder lower. My Sp4 is in about 4.7 cubes net tuned to 31 with an 8" aero. Sub back, port driver side. On a Sundown 3k. It gets down pretty good. Wish the back seat opening was about 4" taller, I'd do 15" sp4 sub&port forward. I've tried sub forward, port pass and it wasn't as good as sub back.
  2. Donated what I could too. Trying to save $ for recone and second btln2, and shawn has been pretty good at getting back to me, considering all hes going through.
  3. whitetrash84

    Stickers coming off of brand new n2s

    Yeah "brushed aluminum" sticker on new sp4 wasn't sticking. Put a black one on it, looks evil! Never had a problem with any of the color ones just the chrome, seems like they are thicker and don't like the curve of the cap.
  4. whitetrash84

    Aero port noob need some questions answered!!!!!&#

    The last box i made and sold was a 1.44 cube box for two sa8 v1.5's and ported it with a single 4" aero using the full 17" length and tuned it to 34. Sounded a lot better than the previous slot port boxes I had made for sa8's. Even with the port being a little on the small side it had NO port noise and sounded pretty damn good on 1000w.
  5. whitetrash84

    Used xcon 12" still current production model?

    I did a little measuring and sat down, came up with: 5 cubic feet 15.85 in2 of port per cube tuned to 32 hz My question in my sketchup, the port width is 6 1/4" down the middle, should it be 6 1/4" on each side where it splits or 3 1/8'? I've always done it 1/2 the width both ways but never been sure.
  6. whitetrash84

    Used xcon 12" still current production model?

    Yeah I see your point, just from prior experience these Camrys peak @ 28 and I like me some lows! But haven't really sat down and come up with dimensions yet. More than likely will be tuned somewhere 30-33.
  7. whitetrash84

    Used xcon 12" still current production model?

    14 square in per foot good enough or do I need more? Also tossed around the idea of using a couple of 6" aeros, which would be close to 11 in2 / ft. The more I use aero's the more I like them, but for the single 12" box I'm going to try kerf port.
  8. whitetrash84

    Used xcon 12" still current production model?

    I've got a single run of 1/0 knu kolossus flex ofc from battery to amp, big 3 done with the same wire. Set my gains with my dd1 and with the BTL @ 2ohm close to clipping voltage is right around 13. My plan as of right this moment is to make a single 12 ported box, 2.5ish @28hz, and run test it out @1ohm. Then recone to d1 and order another d1. Luckily I enjoy making boxes and have no problem selling them for $ on Craigslist, guess kids these days don't take shops classes. In the last month I've sold off all 4 SA8 v1.5's in 3 different boxes. Came out pretty well $ wise, profits paid for the Xcon I just bought!
  9. whitetrash84

    Used xcon 12" still current production model?

    The more I think about this wish it was a d1 so I could end up with 1ohm total. Now thinking about recone, but hate to recone a perfectly good sub, maybe it will get damaged in shipping? LOL. Think it would be a noticeable difference 3000w@1ohm or 1600w@2ohm? I've got my BTL @2 ohm, tried it @.5 ohm and not enough electrical to support it, dropped into 11's quick. I've got a Camry with a regular battery and a DC power 270 xp. I'm looking into a d3400 underhood, really dont want battery in trunk, will sit low enough with 150 lbs of xcons and box!
  10. whitetrash84

    Used xcon 12" still current production model?

    Well that was a fast response! Thanks and I'll be ordering a matching d2 12" after this one shows up! They will be replacing my 15" BTL N2 d1 on a Sundown SAZ-3000D. Hopefully they will do well sealed off from trunk and forward fired/ported, at least that's what set-up I'm going to try first. About 5 cubes after displacement tuned around 28, sound good? Loved the BTL with 8" aero port just want to try something different.
  11. I just sent payment for a used xcon and I'm wondering if someone could help me out. By the pics, is this a current model and if i were to order another 12" new from ssa would it be a matching sub? Just that pics of others seem to have a black spider on them. http://i146.photobuc...9-38-01_429.jpg http://i146.photobuc...19-36-51_73.jpg http://i146.photobuc...9-36-22_312.jpg Thanks!