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    2) 12" GCONS @ 600W RMS Sealed

    .15 cu ft per sub, the SSA website has really good info with all the specs and enclosure recommendations. Sadly, there are no enclosure designs available for download yet, but Aaron Clinton, who is a member here, is remarkably helpful with any/all the less than conventional questions I asked. I am sure he can answer any question you throw his way.
  2. SS Teacher

    i-pad as a head unit ?

    I'm not sure if "the727kid" is active on this board, but I beleive he did this, you might try and PM him. I do know he is active on the Challenger Talk forum, and his system looks amazing. Good luck on your quest.
  3. SS Teacher

    ssd15. would one 6" port be enough?

    I've been fooling around with the idea of a round port to save space on my first box build, but after plugging in numbers and doing the reasearch on some of the websites posted by some of the guys here, I now understand why most people say "Just build a slot port and be done with it." I haven't ruled it out completely because firing an 8" port through the rear deck sounds awesome, it might be out of my league though.
  4. SS Teacher

    once in a lifetime experience!

    Well now I've got something else to add to my bucket list, congrats on the great time.
  5. SS Teacher

    Is it enough?

    You need to do "the big 3", which consists of replacing the power and ground wires to and from your battery. There are many technical tips on this from many, many posts. Just use the search function. Good luck!
  6. Soundstream used to be one of the best in the business, but like many older companies, they are just a shadow of their former selves.
  7. I was looking through Craig's List and saw someone in Dade City, FL had two Funky Pup 12"s for $80. I was tempted....soooo tempted.
  8. SS Teacher

    Fi and Ascendant Audio

    RE isn't what it used to be, I'd go with one of the other brands.
  9. SS Teacher

    Joey's F150 speaker upgrade

    ...ummm... that sounded great...on...my....crappy....computer......speakers. Did I miss the Image Dynamics 12"?
  10. SS Teacher

    A Mini RE Audio XXX 15 Review

    Thanks for the great review, I gotta admit I'm a sucker for a great sealed driver.
  11. SS Teacher

    Happy Birthday Alton

    Happy Birthday!
  12. SS Teacher

    *** Check My JL Design ***

    The only help I can offer is you will want 45s to prevent possible port noise.
  13. SS Teacher

    Noob from FL

    Welcome, you will find some of the most knowledgable car audio people on the planet.
  14. SS Teacher

    15 " DCON question

    I'm getting close to ordering the 15" DCON and will be building my first enclose with my buddies tools and expertise, but I've been reading and researching just enough to be dangerous. I've been on carstereo.com, bcae1.com, diyma.com, and a few others. While the smaller drivers t/s parameters do lean in favor of ported enclosures (along with much antecdotal evidence) the 15" appears to be more suited to the sealed enclosure. Example, the Fs of the 15" is 33.5hz and the 10" is 29.4hz. I haven't researched every subwoofer line, but this seems to buck the trend, big time, unless it's an error on the website. My biggest fear in constructing the box is that I won't have anyway to adjust the tuning if I'm not happy with it. I was going to use the optimal enclose recommendations supplied by SSA, but the tuning might be below the Fs (which I read is bad). If I used round ports I could just add or subtract length to tune, but then I'm on my own as far as dimensions and designs, which pushes me in the sealed box direction. I know t/s parameters aren't for newbies and there is a lot more to a speaker than numbers, but we are talking physics and mechanical drivers here. Any insights from the masters? If it matters.... ride = 2011 Dodge Challenger coupe amp = 400 watts rms from Boston GTA 1005 goals = good sound quality and way more output than a single JL 12W0 in 1.4 ft3 sealed enclosure on 250 watts
  15. SS Teacher

    15 " DCON question

    I'm sure I'm just overthinking, and if I have to wait another 2 or 3 weeks to order a DCONs, I will just overthink some more.
  16. SS Teacher


    I am so sorry I came late to this post, but... What are your: goals, budget, and teeth?
  17. I would definitely recommend NOT using the JBL p660c. I have them paired with 80 watts rms from a Boston amp and they love more power, not less.
  18. SS Teacher

    is there an age limit to bass in your ride

    I turned 40 last year and love my music load and clear. If I want to keep the wife and kids happy, I just play the stuff they like.
  19. SS Teacher


    If you want any of the knowledgable people on this forum to respond, you will need to tell them what vehicle, power, type of sub(s), etc., etc. etc.
  20. SS Teacher

    Can't decide on speakers...

    I am in agreement with Alton, skip rear speakers and get a better front stage. I bought a 5 channel amp to run the whole system, but now I wished I would have just spent the extra money on a better front stage, as I found music coming from the rear unnatural.
  21. SS Teacher

    E12d4 on BRZ 1700.1d

    I have to 2 E series 8"s sitting on the rear deck with 6,000 watts RMS and it so hard my girlfriend went into labor!
  22. If your main concern is RCAs and system expansion, Audio Control makes it so easy. I just installed an EQL and my factory head unit sounds great. I honestly hated it before Audio Control, but didn't want to lose satellite radio, dash display, and steering wheel control.
  23. SS Teacher

    How crazy is this? 8" mid bass in rear deck

    Thank's for the input, it's really tough to read up on this stuff. 9 out of 10 search results are total crap or conflict with each other, I'm glad I found this sight.
  24. If the human ear is unable to detect the direction ot true mid bass (below 250 hz), why not run a single 8" woofer in the rear deck of my challenger to compliment the 6 1/2' component set up front and 12" sub in the trunk? I bought a 5 channel Boston GTA amp super cheap and could car less about rear fill, but would like better mid bass response. Please tell me why I'm crazy. p.s.There is no way in hell my wife would ever let me chop up the doors to put a pair of 8"s there, and I am not running active.
  25. I want to upgrade from a JL 12W0 getting 250 watts rms from a Boston GTA1005 in a Dodge Challenger coupe. I would like more trunk space, so any enclosure over 2 cubic feet will not be considered. The GTA1005 will not be replaced, it puts out 250 rms into 4 ohms and 400 rms into 2 ohms. I was considering the following but will certainly entertain other ideas. Thank you for your opinions and advice. 1. JL stealth box- JL 12W3- 2 ohm 2. 2 Sundown E8s in either ported or sealed. Plan to remove the rear 6 1/2" stock rear fill and fire subs through the rear deck into the cabin. They'll be getting 200 rms each. 3. Single JL 8W7 firing through the factory cut out in rear deck. It'll be getting about 325 watts rms. I know this isn't the best option, but the thought of owning a legendary sub appeals to me. 4. I've never done IB before, but maybee an Fi 15" in IB? I got out of car audio in the early 90s and am just getting back in... much has changed! Once again, thanks.