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    Sub upgrade, opinion sought

    Thanks for all the input. I bought an Audio Control LC2i and had a local shop spend about 3 hours fixing mistakes other people made and it sounds way better. I plan to keep the JL12W0 in the 1.4 cubic foot sealed box for family trips when trunk space is at a premium, and order a DCON 15 over the summer.
  2. SS Teacher

    What would you choose? 6.5's or 6 x 9's

    I wasn't sure about JBL components at first, but I promise you they will handle power and get loud. I heard a set of Alpine type r's in an audio instal guy's car and mine sounded just as good. I might prefer a softer, silk tweeter, but if you want volume, check out JBL.
  3. SS Teacher

    Sub upgrade, opinion sought

    I currently have the quick disconnect, but a family road trip with no sub? NOT IN MY FAMILY! Think of the children. I didn't expect love for JL, but DCONs have to be pretty sweet based on all these recommendations. I'm going to assume that 2 sundown E8s probably won't hit as hard as the ported DCON 10. Alton, thanks for the great review. Any thoughts on an Fi 15 or 18 in IB, their IB line is reasonable and I found a certified installer who could set it up for me for less than $300 (plus $250ish for the sub).
  4. SS Teacher

    Sub upgrade, opinion sought

    My favorite genres are pop, techno, and dance. I don't listen to current rap. My wife enjoys country. Would the 10" DCON in a ported box sound as crisp and accurate as my JL 12W0 in a sealed? Suggestions on tuning? 30hz, 33hz? I would do the 15 in a 2 cube box, but the smaller the box the better, I love to take this car on family vacations. Thanks for all the input.
  5. SS Teacher

    Sub upgrade, opinion sought

    I am happy with the quality of the JL in a sealed box of 1.4 cu ft, but I would like more volume. I (and more importantly my wife) are unwilling to replace the factory HU, so I just bought an audio control LC2I and hope to get better results than I currently get. I love the sound, but I just don't get the volume. The most I would spend would be $500 to 600, but lower is always better, I am a teacher who hasn't gotten a raise in 4 years. Ported boxes used to produce boomy or sloppy bass, but I know todays subs are much better than yesteryear. I do love the crisp, tight bass from a sealed enclosure and would lean in that direction.
  6. SS Teacher

    Checking in from Plant City, FL

    I've been out of car audio for 15 years now and am just starting to get back in. Can't wait to get some good info from people who actually know something about car audio. It's a refreshing change from customer reviews and other forum posts like "I got 4 12"s that slam so hard my girlfriend went into labor!"
  7. SS Teacher

    Checking in from Plant City, FL

    My current set-up, which I am not at all satisfied with and am looking to upgrade, is: Stock head unit Boston GTA1005 amp JBL 6 1/2" components in the front door panels Stock rear fill JL 12W0 in a 1.4 cubic foot sealed enclosure It's a clean install and sounds good, but I know it leads a lot of work. Thinking about an Audio Control LC2i to get a better signal to the sub input on the amp. It's crystal clear and great volume at low and mid levels, but it just stops getting louder at higher than mid levels. I'm pretty sure it should keep up with the JBLs, but it doesn't.