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  1. 7 hours ago, ManzKea said:

    I like your box! How does it sound? What time of music do you listen too?

    I had SSA design it for "as flat a frequency response from 33 to 80 hz as possible" with little to no size restrictions except for height.  It's HUGE, probably 3 cubit feet or more for a 10" but it sounds GREAT.

    I have eclectic tastes, mostly EDM and pop, but classic rock, old school rap, old country, and just about anything else except new country and opera.

  2. 11 hours ago, ///M5 said:

    Back on topic: Where are the mids going?

    That I understand...but not their implementation. The vehicle screams for an on axis setup for most of the audio range (exact reason you currently have the sound bar), but FCA's installation of it was horseshit.  Just peak at the off axis response of any ~3" midrange and you will see why.  Completely confusing how they could get part of the equation so right and part of it so wrong.

    Other problem is that in that truck it is hard to treat the doors well enough for an 8" midbass which takes away fro the whole full ranger options.

    Yes, doors are NOT an option as I frequently take them off! :)


    I'm utilizing the speaker pods that are located about knee level on the right and left side of the dash.  The concept is pretty cool as the mids get their own sealed enclosure.  Aiming will be tricky as it's a really tight fit and there is no way to rotate the speaker with them in place.  I could try and fab a ring to slightly aim them.  How critical is aiming of a 6 1/2" mid running from 80 to 3,000 hz?

  3. 13 hours ago, Billy Jack said:

    My Jeep came with a amp under the drivers seat and I have the exact same tweeters on my dash. All I have in mine is a Memphis 10" and a memphis amp to match, more low end fill then anything. image.thumb.jpg.8ecab241115f8d6ac908f6a8a29e687e.jpg

    Nice Jeep!  Running 33"s or 35"s?

  4. 1 hour ago, S.DeYoung said:

    Nevermind, I found a couple of pictures. It looks like they are mounting in their own enclosures. Here is some motivation, these guys do great work:  http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/build-logs-project-install-gallery/256625-departure-our-norm-2016-wrangler-install-af-arc-mosconi-illusion.html

    That is an amazing build!  That model year had some audio changes, most notably the absence of tombstone tweeter pods replaced by 3 1/2" full range speakers, and the roll bar set up looks very different.  I couldn't mount any electronics (other than marine components) in the rear area because it gets wet from time to time.  Thankfully the underseat area has always been dry.

  5. 1 minute ago, S.DeYoung said:

    If you ever decided to sell the Mikro IV, let me know. Do those tweeter pods come apart? God is that mid/woofer location terrible.

    The pods are stationary, I popped off the cover took out the factory tweet and replaced it with the JBL.  I might have just enough room to fabricate a mounting ring so I can play with angles. 


    The roll bar is good for passengers and volume, but it destroys the sound stage.  I've read there is no stereo separation below 250 Hz, but I don't posses the skills necessary to get get a good sound stage AND mount mid bass behind me.  I'd love to have mastered the secret of the USD Grand National that ran 12"s in the rear for mid bass!


    I'm going to hang on the Mikro just in case, it's such a cool little amp and the only Mantz designed amp I have.


    I did find this no so little gem on Offer Up for $50.



  6. 13 hours ago, ManzKea said:

    I have a wrangler too. I'm interested in your end result. I put Rockford pro 6's in the rear and alpine type s components in the front. I'm steadily gonna switch those out for rockfords tho 

    I don't normally run rear fill, but in a Wrangler, door off, top down, it helps with the volume at highway speeds.  When I switch to active I'll cut the rear fill out completely and focus on quality over quantity.  I've entertained the idea of putting dedicated mid bass, say 80-150 Hz drivers in the sound bar, but I'd image staging would be a nightmare.

  7. GPS updates vary by manufacturer, but they're usually more than $100.  I love my GPS unit and will have one from here on out, but I won't pay for map updates.  If I'm dropping $800 or more for Nav they should be able to autoupdate without charging so much.  Planned obsolescence....

  8. 20 hours ago, SS Teacher said:

    2013 Jeep Wrangler, mids will go into the speaker pods mounted in the dash, on axis.  The stock tweeter location is on 'tombstone' pods on axis on the top of the dash.  

    Beware of one thing.  On axis and tweeter is usually not desired.  Location can stay, but I'd play with aiming.

    Looks like I have a plan of action!  I'll have my art/engineer friend fab be some angled spacers so I can play with the tweeter angles and I'll keep the JBLs for now.

  9. 10 hours ago, Randal Johnson said:

    Can you post a pic or two of your dash area ??? Different angles if possible please.

    I joined Imgur and posted a build log, but now when I try and copy and paste the URL on SSA the field stays shaded light red and the picture won't post.  Any idea what's going on?

  10. Currently I'm running a JBL 6 1/2" component series.  It's loud (that's a good thing) but harsh.  I've been wanting to go active for a long so I purchased the Evil mids and the kicker DSP.  I don't have a PC and am reasonably intimidated with the prospects of borrowing one and downloading software and setting everything so I settle on the kicker.  Plus, there's only so much you can do in a Jeep Wrangler...

  11. I'm going to go active for the first time and need some help.  Eventually I'll pair my SSA Evil Mids and XCON 10" with Evil tweeters, but spring break is coming and I'd like to install what I have and run a temporary and inexpensive tweeter until the Evil tweeters come to market.


    2013 Jeep Wrangler, mids will go into the speaker pods mounted in the dash, on axis.  The stock tweeter location is on 'tombstone' pods on axis on the top of the dash.  I don't have any flexibility on speaker location as I frequently have the doors off.  I take it off road and it gets a little wet so kick panels aren't an option either.  I'll be powering the front stage with an NVX JAD 800.4 and the processing will be through a Kicker Front Row DSP.  I need a 1" on axis tweeter that can play down to 3,000 Hz and I don't want to spend more than $30 each because it'll only be temporary.  I could run the JBL power series tweeters I currently have, but I'm not sure they will sound good crossed over at 3,000 Hz.  I got the JBLs for $90 and they are LOUD which is great for a Jeep, but the tweeters sounded very harsh to me.

  12. When I ordered the XCON I paid for an enclosure design.  I never asked how many cubic feet it is, just told them "I want the flattest frequency response from 33-85 hz."  The box is HUGE, I'm guessing 3 or more cubit feet net for a single 10", but it sounds GREAT!  Only reason I'd seriously consider switching from the PPI to the RF T-1500 is for astetics and a better fit.  It was banging on that T-500, but if I'm going to change might as well go big or go home.

  13. 13 minutes ago, edouble101 said:

    There are certainly cheaper amps available of similar quality. I'd recommend Sundown for a no hassle, quality, 1500wrms amp. Or buy the Rockford :) 

    Someday I will also try Incriminator Audio amps. I think they have a unique design and appear to be of high quality. I was actually going to buy Incriminator Audio amps. Obviously, right now, I decided to go with RF. 

    I have a 160 amp alternator and not willing to upgrade outside of The Big 3.  I don't have room for a spare battery either, SO I ordered my XCON in double 1 ohm so I can run my sub amp at 2 ohm and take it easy on the electrical.  All the Korean amps I've seen put out their rated power at 1 ohm.  Finding ANY amp that does 1500 at 2 ohms is NOT cheap.

  14. On 2/24/2017 at 8:49 PM, edouble101 said:

    I swapped out the NVX amps for Rockford Fosgate Power T600.4 and T600.2.

    The noise floor is much lower, imaging is improved and dynamics are amazing. I know the NVX amps are rated for more power but the Fosgates are much louder. I am extremely pleased with these amps.


    Of course the RFs are louder, they're bigger!  :lol:


    On a more serious note, I had a T-500 and was very happy with output.

  15. 11 hours ago, Jay-C76 said:

    OH MY pucking *** PLEASE END THIS pucking TRAIN WRECK

    This has been like a train wreck with a plane crash on top of it, then out of nowhere a cruise ship comes barreling in only to form a sudden sinkhole to swallow up the created abortion, after the dust settles...... out of the sky slams a meteor to end all life as we know it!

    PLEASE ???

    Otherwise the movie Idiocracy has truely become a documentary instead of a fictional comedy! 

    Hahahahahaha!!!  Literally Lol'ing!  The symbolism, the poetry... you sir are a genius!

  16. 14 hours ago, Billy Jack said:

    I never said any of that. I said if demand is so high that it takes months to do a single batch, why not raise prices slightly and hire more help to fill the need. I understand business just fine, I have built and currently run 2, and part owner in another. And if I have high a demand for something, I hire more temporary help to fill this need. And your right I do not know the inner workings of SSA ,so I can only assume they are either short on capital, or lack the credit to grow. Honestly it sounds like 2 guys running a small business the best they can, selling as cheap as they can, and as fast as they can, and that's fine but don't get hurt at me if I choose not to wait, as it's not personal just business. Like I said, I waited so long to try and get one amp, I gave up. Another thing I'm sure there dealing with is build houses, and parts suppliers. Maybe someday they can start there own SSA build house so they can have a steady supply of SSA and that would definitely put them at the head of the pack. And I will say if the subs are what everyone says, I'm sure people would pay a little more for them, JL, Rockford, RE, DD, and a few more have no problem getting what there stuff is worth. And I'm not bad mouthing Aaron, or anybody I wish them the best, but someone ask why I went DC instead of SSA, and I told them the truth. And sencheezy has said the same thing as me, he loves the brand but hopes they can work on wait times as he thought like me, it was the one thing that's still holding them back from being a big player in the audio community. 

    I'm not blaming you for choosing or not choosing any speaker, amp, or brand of anything.  You didn't want to wait and that's a completely valid choice.  I did choose to wait for my XCON, but that doesn't mean you made the wrong choice for you. 


    My point was Rockford Fosgate and JL Audio have tremendous brand power and have legitimate control over their pricing (hell, JL charges a dollar a watt on some of their amps), but most companies in car audio have little or no control over their pricing.  There are dozens of small internet brands (like SSA) that are successful businesses that sell to a niche market.  Competition is strong and and that gives us, the consumer, lots of options.  I'm willing to wait for certain products and not willing to wait for others, that's the beauty of a market economy.  Peace