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  1. gadgetthatninja

    First setup done properly ;D

    i had meant to specify that actually. I was speaking the crossovers for my mid drivers/and highs. I'm not getting anything more then a budget amplifier for the mids/highs and budget speakers/tweeters to go with it. The rest that i would have spent will be going into the sound deadening, my enclosure, and electrical system.
  2. gadgetthatninja

    First setup done properly ;D

    This is the initial start to what i like to think will be an amazing set up and time. Between the components I've chosen, too the input needed from the lovely forum members here at SSA. I believe we will make this a real beauty!!! -So let's start off with what's been ordered thus far (2) Incriminator Audio Death Row 15's(2013 model) 1500 rms/Dual 1 ohms(1) Soundqubed Q1-2200D to be ran at 1ohm/0AWG Now for the components still to be added to this final build. I mean when i say done properly, I want the enclosure just right down to the detail, the right amount of power with flow of current/amp hours to take the beating and all around electrically correct for a build, and Sound deadening to be placed in the best of ways( no rattle is good rattle). I'm in process to select my Mid drivers/Tweeters for the build, which i could use some advice on as well, along with the best budget amp for them, not to be forgetting about inline crossovers. As far as head-unit,it lacks importance over other components. As long as it has a decent EQ to play around with, USB, Bluetooth, auxiliary input, and preferably an anti-skip system we should be all gravy. I'm making this build log in hopes for all the right advice, and thank all who are willing to help. The first thing to work on is ideas on enclosures, a budget amplifier for my mids/highs, and what i need to do to beef up my electrical. I'm waiting until the end of December to get my new car which this build will be done in(either a mazda protege 5 hatch 03' or similar vehicle). Once put together i will eventually be upgrading the system to either 4 IA Deathrow 15's or 2 IA Deathrow 18's and on more power. Now for the input?
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    My build

    Car audio build:Mazda protege 5 hatchback 2003