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  1. kickerlivinloud

    New Site - Going Live in Minutes

    New site looks excellent guys!!!!!! Jon
  2. kickerlivinloud

    LI 12 - Best Bang for the Buck!

    Hmmm Old... New. As much as I love the old LI's, these new ones are SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NVM, Reading > Me As always Nick, you amaze me with your products!!!!!! I only hope I can afford to get back into the game soon before these go out of stock (hoping that won't happen) Jon
  3. kickerlivinloud

    New Product

  4. kickerlivinloud

    FL 12 - Finally Audiophile from IA

    Very sexy looking driver!!! Also I really like the look of the basket!! You really out did yourself this time Nick!!!!!
  5. kickerlivinloud

    New Product

    Quite You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. kickerlivinloud

    MSRP Price List of New Product!

    Actually the 187's are going to be better than ever.....Im rocking 2 12" protos in my celica right now They will be available later on for a terribly reasonable price....... Wouldn't happen to have some pictures would ya??????? ;) Jon
  7. kickerlivinloud

    New Product

    To my knowledge no one has seen them. At least not the general public. Knowing IA, they'll be ugly as hell!!!! However, ugly = LOUD! hehe Jon
  8. kickerlivinloud

    New Product

    Yes, the Warden would be IA's SPL beast!!! Assuming IA hasn't changed its plans for the Warden.
  9. kickerlivinloud

    Designing a 3 way front stage.

    Well I spent some more time looking at different amps and what not. This is what I have come up with so far... HU: Eclipse 8445 Tweet: Rainbow P3 Cal 25 Mid Range: Rainbow Profile 5.25" CS 230 Mid Bass: Still not sure on these. Amps: Kicker SX 700.4 / JL 300/2 Black Slash. (I'm hoping to find a 450/4 black slash as well) Processor: Alpine C701/H701 So far prices look like this... Mid bass: $??? Amps: $620 Processor:$500 I'll probably start off with a 2 way system leaving out the JL 300/2 and the mid bass to start off with. Hopefully in time I'll be able to afford to pick up the 3 way. Hows it look so far??? Comments, criticisms.... Jon
  10. kickerlivinloud

    Designing a 3 way front stage.

    Hmm, This is getting to expensive way to quick. What if I dropped the 3 way and switched to a 2 way? Would I still need to have the processor??? Right now I'm pretty well set on the C701/H701 combo, if it is needed. Or would I just need to find a HU that can handle going 2 way?? Jon
  11. kickerlivinloud

    Designing a 3 way front stage.

    What do they normally go for?? Also, do you have to have the C701/H701 combo. Jon
  12. kickerlivinloud

    Designing a 3 way front stage.

    Roughly... Midbass--$200-250 Processors-- $200-250 Amps--$500 I'm hoping to keep everything under $1K. I'm hoping this will be do able b/c of the fact that I already have a midrange and tweet, an a HU. Jon
  13. kickerlivinloud

    Designing a 3 way front stage.

    Alright what processor would you recommend with the 8445??? Mounting location can be anywhere, I'd like to put it in the dash with my HU (if space allows). If not I'd be willing to get one that mounts anywhere. I have plans for a amp/crossover/processor/whatever rack in mind. When you mention power, what exactly do you mean??? Again, sorry if these are noobish questions, I'm trying to learn. Jon
  14. kickerlivinloud

    Designing a 3 way front stage.

    Any more opinions???? Jon
  15. kickerlivinloud

    Designing a 3 way front stage.

    I kinda figured the same but I wasn't sure about sticking with the same companies. Your right, I wasn't thinking when I only said a 4 channel. I'm not worried about my sub stage amp at the moment, that I can figure out later. I'll probably try and pick up a pair of PG TI 4 channels or a 4 and a 2. It'll really depend on what I can find. I'm slightly confused with the difference a 2 way and a 3 way has on the HU. Sorry if these are noobish questions. I've been trying to do as much homework as I can but I didn't want to spend forever looking when I could just ask. An IB would be fun but I highly doubt I have the space for it. Even if I did, it would be overly complicated build and I'm trying to keep it somewhat simple. Single cab trucks FTL! Thanks for the quick responce!! Jon