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  1. goldeneye4564

    WTB audiopipe 1500d or Audiopipe aspm 1500

    shit i just sold my apsm to a buddy, if i would have known you were lookin for one i woulda sold it to ya. good luck bro. and btw the BTL N2 is pounding in my new ride!
  2. goldeneye4564

    F/S Sundown 2000D

  3. goldeneye4564

    F/S Sundown 2000D

    payment sent. sorry it took so long to sell man. I will make great use out of it!
  4. goldeneye4564

    F/S Sundown 2000D

    Never mind.... Glws OP My current 2k is in pretty rough shape lol.
  5. goldeneye4564

    F/S Sundown 2000D

    This amp looks much better then my sundown 2k (scratched up pretty good) lol. That is why I am going to snatch this one and use my current one for parts if need be in the future. Love the sundown 2k's. Hope slim reads this soon and hope it is still available.
  6. goldeneye4564

    F/S Sundown 2000D

    I cannot believe anyone has come up with the cash for this... Has it sold yet? Any pending sales? I am a motivated buyer... Let me know please. I don't play games.
  7. goldeneye4564

    FeedBack **Positive**

    Dictator - quick shipping and packaged very well. good seller here would do business with again. (Fi BTL N2 18)
  8. goldeneye4564

    Selling SSA zcon 18 D2, Fi btl n2 D2

    pm sent
  9. goldeneye4564

    2003 Ford Ranger Edge Enclosure

    sub up port up
  10. goldeneye4564

    Local Competition Results!

    Mike we gotta chill sometime!
  11. goldeneye4564

    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    Hold up (gimme what you got) Decaf'd is one of my demo songs
  12. goldeneye4564

    Your Favorite show off Songs!

    oh hell yes and Hoods Run Down by lil wyte lol
  13. goldeneye4564

    Local Competition Results!

    it was a fun show anyhow.
  14. goldeneye4564

    Impala Metered for the First Time.

    was a fun time there last night mike glad i got to see the impala get down. cant wait to see whats next!
  15. goldeneye4564

    2000 Hyundai Accent Bass Sleeper

    thanks, all is performing well. car gets loud people dont expect it at all.