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  1. The GCON is dynamite in a nice sealed enclosure. Very happy with mine. Can't speak for the rest of the product line though.
  2. SnapperKing

    GCON Ported Enclosure

    Just an update - After talking to Dustin at DC Creations, he recommended that I go with ~2.0 f^3 net per speaker because I told him that I'm making the change from sealed to ported for output above all else; obviously, I still want them to sound good. With that being said, 2.0 ft^3 each @ 32hz it is. I ended up going with a kerf ported enclosure with flush mounting and the bedliner option as opposed to charcoal carpeting (just to be different). Dustin is telling me that it should ship today or tomorrow at the latest. I'll keep you guys posted. My decision to go down to 2.0ft^3 was mainly based on Dustin's recommendation and from Rev0811's feedback above.
  3. SnapperKing

    Anyone try the DD-1?

    I searched "DD-1" before submitting this post and found no mention of it in these forums. Thanks though.
  4. I've been watching a few videos of people using the Steve Meade/D'Amore Engineering DD-1 Distortion Detector for setting their gains and also in identifying if and where the head-unit output begins to distort (max safe listening volume). Anyone use this before or know anyone that has? Whats the verdict on this thing? Just asking out of curiosity, i've always set mine by ear anyway but it does look interesting. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_61378_SMD-DD-1-Distortion-Detector-Analyzer-by-Steve-Meade-Designs.html
  5. SnapperKing

    GCON Ported Enclosure

    2012 VW GLI
  6. SnapperKing

    All new pricing!!

    You guys built me an awesome sealed enclosure for a pair of 12" GCONS last year; you were right when you said that I'd eventually give in and go ported! Just sent you an email for quotation. Thanks, Ron
  7. SnapperKing

    GCON Ported Enclosure

    Thanks guys, both very good replies. Since I've got the room, I'll be reaching out to our friends at DC for the enclosure. I'll be shooting for 2.5 - 2.75ft^3 per. Maybe I'll put together a sealed vs ported comparison video too
  8. Hows it going fellas. Let me preface; I've been running my 2) 12" GCONS in the DC-Creations 1.35 ft^3 Sealed Enclosure @600W RMS Each (Kicker ZX1000.1) for quite some time now with absolutely no issues. I love these speakers and the DC enclosure is dynamite; not a single problem whatsoever. Like my previous review stated, they're loud, clear and rugged as hell. I had previously ran a couple of sets of 10" and 12" Type-Rs with this same amp and they just couldn't hang; ended up burning up multiple subs over the years. The GCONS have always stayed cool even after countless 5-10+ hour road trips. Anyway, I've always wondered how they would sound and how loud they'd be in a nice ported enclosure. I've ran some serious set-ups in the past and thought I had made it through the SPL phase of my audiophile career, but the curiosity has finally gotten me. My question to you guys - I'm looking at either picking up the ported Khaotic enclosure, or having another custom box made by the guys at DC Creations. The standard, ported, Khaotic enclosure is 2.0 ft^3 per sub @ 32HZ which is below the SSA recommended optimal ported enclosure volume of 2.5-3.0 ft^3, and barely within the lower end of the non-optimal volume range (2.0-2.5 ft^3). Do you think I'll be leaving a lot of performance on the table with this enclosure? Should I go bigger? Thanks in advance!
  9. SnapperKing

    GCON 12s in Sealed DC-Creations Enclosure

    Pics and videos to come.
  10. I just finished up with my install: 2) 12" D2 GCONS in a DC-Creations Sealed Enclosure, all installed in a 2012 Volkswagen GLI running from the factory fender audio system to a LC2i LOC and Kicker ZX1000.1 Amp w/ KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex 0 ga kit. GCONS: Visually: I placed my order and received the speakers about 25-30 days later, just like the guys @ SSA said. Between the heavy foam surround, to the huge magnet, to the frame, they look SICK. Looks wise, I can't complain, the build quality seems to be great; real heavy duty shit here. When I bought my kicker amp from the car audio shop around the block, the guy I dealt with asked what I was running for subs. So I showed him... His eyes light up and he says, "SSA... never heard.. WOW! Those look SERIOUS!" DC Creations: Build Quality: I ordered a stage-one sealed enclosure with the flush mounting option, built to the max dimensions of my vehicle. The enclosure is around 1.3 - 1.35 ft^3 per speaker. Received it in the expected time-frame with no issues. Build quality is awesome and I really liked the way the guys at DC wired up the box for me; 2 runs of heavy gauge wiring shrink tubed right to the terminals. It was basically plug and play. The enclosure was built like a brick shit house compared to one my old prefabbed enclosures. No comparison there. Fitment: The GCONS slipped right into the flush mount face, wired right up, VERY EASY. It was perfect in all aspects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Performance: Overall the installation went well; getting all the LC2i and ZX1000.1 adjustments were a pain but I finally have then fine-tuned and I couldn't be happier. This was my first sealed enclosure so I really wasn't expecting much in the area of loudness (compared to my Kicker L7s in a ported enclosure), especially running off the factory head-unit. Honestly - I'm impressed in all aspects of their performance (Enclosure and Subs). They get low, they get high, they're punchy and most importantly, they're really clean and tight; I don't understand why it took me this long to go sealed. Loudness - Unless you're competing, I can't see ever needing any more SPL than this. My car has a sunglass compartment that pops down from the headliner. When I turn up the volume - it flies open and my sunglasses fall on the floor... Every time.... Its really impressive. The rear-view mirror doesn't move around in circles like I've seen in some SPL videos but it shakes a LOT -the same goes for my side-view mirrors. A friend of mine runs a pair of 12" Alpine Type-Rs @ 600-700W each in a sealed enclosure; All I'll say is this - every time I see him now, he asks me to trade. The Type-Rs get pretty damn hot, pretty damn quickly. I'm not sure that I'd feel comfortable running them hard for any longer than 15-20 minutes at a clip. Last night I took a 2-3 hour road-trip running my GCONS pretty damn hard (safely of course). I felt the cones out of curiosity - BARELY WARM after 3 hours in a SEALED BOX @ 550-600W Each. Overall: Although they were only around 200 bucks each, I'm not sure that I'd call the GCON a budget subwoofer. The only thing budget is the price. I can only imagine how loud these would be in a ported enclosure from DC-Creations. 2 THUMBS UP AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Will try to get some GoPro videos up this weekend.
  11. SnapperKing

    I need help

    The manual leaves a lot to be desired. Here are a few things that I've learned by messing around with it.. 1) Run your bass or subwoofer level adjustment almost all the way down on your head-unit. I have mine @ -7 right now and it seems to be working well ( Range of -9 to +9). When I went any higher than that, the LC2i would cut in and out. 2) Definitely run the threshold about all the way up, with the AccuBass around half way. 3) The manual tells you to run the volume up until the factory bass rolls off; mine didn't roll off at all, and those Threshold & AccuBass settings still helped me out a lot. 4) The Bass knob is very sensitive, be careful with that. Mine is almost all the way down. I think it is essentially another gain or bass boost adjustment. I'd much rather use the gain on my amp. 5) The Main level adjustment does nothing unless you're running a highs amp from the LC2i. Leave it down. 6) Run a remote turn-on. Don't rely on the GTO Auto-Sensing crap; be sure to move that jumper to Bypass too. Let us know how it works out for you. Good luck
  12. SnapperKing

    I need help

    OK I figured it out - I never switched the jumper from "Enable GTO" to "Bypass". After doing that, all is well. The remote turn-on wire is now fully functional. I also reset the low-pass filter to around 120-140hz which seems to sound better. I think you guys will be impressed with the sound quality and loudness of this system. Especially since I'm running the factory door speakers and head-unit.
  13. SnapperKing

    I need help

    I understand what you're saying but I still think there is something going on with the LC2i. I also should have mentioned: when I start a song, there is a slight delay around a 1/2 - 1 seconds until the bass starts to hit. It will sound like I don't have a subwoofer... a half of a second later, you bass kicks in... From what point forward though, everything is good. Not really sure why. I ran a remote turn-on wire for the LCO but I suppose its possible that I still have it set for "GTO Mode" (Great Turn On - Signal Sensing Turn-On)
  14. So I finished installing my 2 12" GCONS/Kicker ZX1000.1/LC2i/DC-Creations Sealed Enclosure into my 2012 GLI and I have a couple of questions for some of you more experienced guys. My car had a factory subwoofer (fender audio system) so I tapped into the subwoofer speaker wires for the line-out signal. The low frequency bass sounds GREAT but the higher frequencies are weak, almost like they're dropping off. Since the factory subwoofer was hitting all these higher bass notes before I disconnected it, the factory head unit/amp MUST be sending the full range signal back to the input of the LC2i, no? I can't figure out why I'm not hitting the full range of bass. Current Settings: Head Unit Settings: Bass: -5 (-9 to +9 Range) Mid-Range: 0 (-9 to +9 Range) Treble: +2 (-9 to +9 Range) ZX1000.1 Settings: Gain: just under half way up Bass Boost: 0 db Fixed 25hz Subsonic Low-Pass filter: all the way up @ 200hz - shouldn't a pair of 12s in a sealed enclosure be able to hit this? LC2i Settings Threshold: 3/4 of the way up AccuBass: 1/2 way up Bass: 1/8 - 1/4 of the way up Main: All the way down (this is for if you want to run set of door speakers) Any Ideas? By the way - I just ran the GCONs pretty hard for 2 hours, HARDLY warm. Same with the Kicker Amp. And with this being my 1st sealed set-up, I'm actually really impressed with the loudness. Well done DC & SSA. Full review and videos to come, once I get everything dialed in.