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  1. twiztid one

    Old vs new xcon

    Team SSA I can't even get my xcons warm and built in the USA
  2. twiztid one

    Joint World Finals

    Nashville was a great time
  3. twiztid one

    2014 SSA EVIL Photos

    very nice
  4. so I see how this works too wanna support a company
  5. I love my ssa woofers wen I got into bass my good friends zack justin tyler just to name a few all run ssa so wen it came time to build I knew what to run and wen people ask whats in that truck I turn it on then tell them ssa the quality speaks for it self
  6. twiztid one

    Old vs new xcon

    On a side note r the 4 ssa xcons with dome dustcaps in a honda civic I belive I know thos subs I have glued the dust caps back on them at a show but they sure r loud
  7. twiztid one

    Dcon time. New Photos & Info

    Is ssa thinking of redesigning the gcon too I have 4 15s gcons and love them but I like the bell designs of the icon motor
  8. twiztid one

    g con build

    I was just wondering I have 4 gcon 12s in a blow thru in my Nissan hardbody reg cab I love then I had them on a earthquake 5k and did a 148.9 at 30 hz I was thinking about cutting out the rest of the cab and getting 4 more gcons 12s or should I step up in model I realy like the gcons
  9. twiztid one

    hi frm port charlotte

    just new the this forum need ssa subs