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    d2400 voltage but no amps

    voltage present doesnt mean you have a good battery fyi, hence a battery tester puts a load on it, not just check the difference in potentialYep. A charger will test batt before charging.. So either you used the wrong charger damaging the battery or something is loose as stated before.
  2. the angled connector is beneficial if you are going to be hiding your wire. This would mean your angled cables would penetrate through the flooring the amp is mounted on and run to wherever. Many installs can't be done like this for various reasons and i believe the installs that can't\don't run their cables like that outweighs those installs that can or do by a large margin. Technically, even in my big builds, i could do that.. but it would hinder how i build and mount my own fuse blocks for easy access.
  3. Most people who install amps install them on a flooring that extends past the feet of any device forcing the cabling to want to fray out of the inserts due to tension. Large cable(1/0) being bent at a 45 degree angle within 1" distance forever isn't satisfying to me..
  4. shizzzon

    SPL-Lab Wireless Meters on Sale!

    Sale ends next Monday, 9-30-13
  5. We have Wireless Meters on sale right now! Purchase wherever you wish and contact me here or email- shizzzon@gmail.com with proof of purchase attached and receive a 10% refund back. Also, we are offering extended warranties 50% off on Wireless Meters as well! Typical 2yr warranty charge- $119. Currently available for $60 during this sale. This sale will last until the end of this month or until we have no more left. IF your retailer cannot sell you a warranty with your device and you want one, we will sell you one direct, no problem! Please limit 2 meters per person. Meter requests greater than 2 per person, please contact our Florida Group Buy Distributor on our website.
  6. shizzzon


    Minus environmental acoustical gain, yes
  7. shizzzon

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I Love NGT. Also Lawrence Krauss, Brian Greene, Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, etc... But NGT is a motivator, not just a physicist.
  8. shizzzon

    chat? yeh

    Roses are red Violets are blue I'm in the chat Chillin and shat
  9. My posts must be invisible... Lower your charge voltage.
  10. You made this sound like all vehicles will have problems with agms under the hood. Is that your intention to imply this? If so, that's false by far. What IS the problem is not taking into account the ambient temperature around the battery to the required charging voltage the battery needs at that time. PCM controlled alternators are GREAT for things like this because they adjust charging voltage with temperature. I specifically got my DC Power alt to run at 13.8v hot to prevent such issues as i run agm under the hood for YEARS and never have had an issue. It's the relationship of charge voltage to temperature, not just temperature.
  11. WInisd is not going to dictate what your box will do in your vehicle. The cabin environment will alter many things. And increasing volume that much is going to make it focus more on the low end and lose even more upper end.
  12. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    thats because it takes me too long to show a progressive build log.. this time i wont post anything until its way past completion.
  13. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    im working on it everyday.. My progress is actually quite fast.. But i refuse to post pics until it's done. PS- i've been taking pics since the beginning of the build. I'll flood this forum with them once it's complete.. Maybe you guys may hear\see it in action before i post it all when it's done.. who knows. All i know is so far, i have not had one problem with the build to cause delays which is awesome, yet bizarre at the same time.
  14. the problem with your math is no matter what you EQ, some frequencies or ranges will not be effected! Therefore they will remain unattenuated. When speaking about EQ, no not mix power with dB. Focus only on dB about this topic. So in saying that, you need not worry about "amping" the overall response range back up.
  15. if you are afraid of the SQ part of the front stage not keeping up with your sub(s), then you need more cone area, power or different drivers used for such purpose. However, higher efficient drivers like PA or even horns would still need EQing for the same purpose you are wanting to do. Then once that happens.. how less loud is it then? I do not know.. It's trial and error. If your front stage ends up not being enough.. then add or change. You can always turn the volume down on the sub(s) in such cases where Sq is more important than SPL.
  16. All that's going to do is allow you to turn the gain down on the amp. The gain is not a volume control. Unless the input voltage is so low or near so low that audible noise is introduced into the system, a line driver is not necessary.
  17. If you are serious about this, we are a manufacturer of measuring devices. www.spllabusa.com You would need the RTA Pro which Maps just over $300 in the USA.
  18. shizzzon

    Car Audio Subwoofers For Live Audio

    Don't tell bigjon to shut up, seriously. It's called constructed criticism. A method of forcing the truth boldly so you take the truth first and process everything else secondly. I understand 100% what he said. We are older than you, we have more wisdom than you. We want to educate you more quickly and efficiently than what we had access to when we were younger. We are not here to look down on you, we are here to help, not to criticize. That would be a waste of time.
  19. shizzzon

    4th order sp4

    Breakn Sweat- Main line- 49hz. Also, 64, 73, 82hz Kito and Reija Lee- Run for Cover- Main line- 44zhz. Also 58 and 69hz
  20. shizzzon

    4th order sp4

    holy god! name a song you listened to that made you think that? I must analyze this.
  21. shizzzon

    Team Fi

    From my calculations and aggressive but post potential psychic education, they will be in business until march 7th, 2037. Around 930am EST, it will be announced. If anyone has any different information, let me know. PS- sarcasm goes a long way here
  22. I agree 105%. I do not think people would even want to spend money on a bigger ATL. That city is expensive.
  23. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    yep, same year and model as liljestrand
  24. shizzzon

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    i am making progress on my build ever so quietly, I am taking pics of everything.. when the month comes.. an orgasm of pictures will be posted in a thread that will rain dbs for months. As of public info right now- subs were ordered last sunday. Give me 2-3 weeks from now and i shall receive them. PS- the roof and floor are almost done... Damn i'm sneaky,