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    Taramp's Q&A

  2. shizzzon

    Bad news for the IA80.1

    But, but, but, it didn't do rated. It has to be flawed.... But but but.. the owner said he will retest because all testing prior to marketing is correct and will retest.. However once he said that.. many people started bashing the "potential" for his other products to be flawed, etc.. I only trust the owner and\or companies who do this for a living. If one person can be trusted to "fail" an amp publicly, then all companies might as well shut their businesses down because you know what they say.. The customer is always right... So professional testing must be pointless.. We don't care about getting close We, as a business community, care about doing it right. Why would a business rely on a customer's test as the official ruling of their products potential. That is the dumbest thing i've seen this year so far and that's pretty damn bad. But keep supporting the "close testing". We'll support professional test results.
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    Taramp's Q&A

    That is the 1ohm version. You can also get it in the 2ohm version. The 2ohm version would be same price and all power ratings are shifted up, 2, 4 and 8ohms.
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    Taramp's Q&A

    Taramp's does offer higher powered multichannel amps. Just not in the HD line. The largest multichannel amp currently manufactured is the 1200x4 and 1300x2. The 1200x4 is rated as follows- - Pot. Max. @ 13.8VDC (1 OHM) - 1440 W RMS (4x360W RMS)- Pot. Max. @ 13.8VDC (2 OHMS) - 950W RMS (4x237W RMS)- Pot. Max. @ 13.8VDC (4 OHMS) - 522 W RMS (4x130W RMS)- Pot. Max. @ 12.6VDC (1 OHM) - 1200 W RMS (4x300W RMS)- Pot. Max. @ 12.6VDC (2 OHMS) - 792W RMS (4x198W RMS)- Pot. Max. @ 12.6VDC (4 OHMS) - 435 W RMS (4x109W RMS)- Pot. Max. in Bridged @ 13.8VDC (2 OHMS) - 1440W RMS (2x720W RMS)- Pot. Max. in Bridged @ 13.8VDC (4 OHMS) - 972W RMS (2x486W RMS)- Pot. Max. in Bridged @ 12.6VDC (2 OHMS) - 1200W RMS (2x600W RMS)- Pot. Max. in Bridged @ 12.6VDC (4 OHMS) - 810W RMS (2x405W RMS)- Bass Boost (Channels 3 and 4) - 0 to 10dB (50Hz)- Input Sensitivity - 160mV (With the Level to 100 % .)- Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) - > 0.5%- Separation between Channels (Crosstalk) - > 45dB- Signal-to-Noise Ratio - > 90dB- Damping Factor - 350- Frequency Response (Full Range) - 20Hz to 30kHz (-1dB)- Crossover:H. P. F (High Pass Filter) - Fixed 100Hz (-12db/ 8nd )L. P. F (Low Pass Filter) - Fixed 100Hz (-12db/ 8nd)- Input Impedance - 18k OHMS- Protection: Short on the Output and Supply Voltage High / Low -- Minimum Supply Voltage - 10VDC- Supply Voltage Maximum - 16VDC- Consumption at Rest - 1.80 Amp.- Cons. Maximum Musical @ 12.6VDC - 65 Amp.- Cons. Maximum with Sinusoidal Signal (1KHz) @ 12.6VDC - 130Amp.- Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.68" x 2.2" x 14.25"- Weight - 6.06lbs
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    Taramp's Q&A

    Here is a pic of it- I haven't asked for pricing yet but I'll get it once the group buy starts. It literally just started to be sold.
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    Taramp's Q&A

    Here are the specs of the first multichannel amp in the HD Line- All rated at 13.8v @0.02% THD 4x33w @8ohm 4x60w @4ohm 4x100w @2ohm 2x200w @4ohm 2x120w @8ohm 2x66w @16ohm 2x100w + 1x200w @2ohm 2x60w + 1x120w @4ohm 2x33w + 1x66w @8ohm X-over Fixed HPF\LPF- 80Hz Weight- 1.4lbs Dimensions- LxWxH 8" x 6" x 2"
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    stretch marks

    Did you just answer your own question?
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    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    Yea, but look at how many he has.. He has 16 banks of caps.. Unless he's burping 400,000w of power, that's some reserve there.
  9. shizzzon

    Taramp's Q&A

    The waiting is some people's issue which i can understand. Our sales come with accessories that are needed that no one else supplies. Factor the cost of these into the already lower group buy price and see how much cheaper it is.
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    Happy Birthday!
  11. shizzzon

    Taramp's Q&A

    Well, I can tell you that most companies only use 1 authorized repair center. Once the warranty is up, that's when people have ability to choose wherever. we have been at "war" with customer support for expanding potential repair centers. As of right now, it's to be determined... There is no shortage of parts or should never be the case as we do not plan on stocking their rare products like the high voltage line. We will of course announce any changes as they become available on a side note, the HD line is about to have its first multichannel amp as well. More details soon.
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    Taramp's Q&A

    I have pmed you. Our normal pricing will be posted publicly when we start the group buy this month.
  13. shizzzon

    Taramp's Q&A

    Yes they are.
  14. shizzzon

    Bad news for the IA80.1

    Um.. i just read the whole thread as of 2:46pm EST and i see nothing wrong with the amp.. The amps "blew" because of human error. The testing wasn't done at RATED voltage. Lower scores = human error\ sub malfunctions. Wait until the people providing you with information has facts. Also, owner of IA would not release something like this if it were bad. IA is a lot bigger than you can imagine.
  15. shizzzon

    about the hdc4

    Soundqubed doesn't make anything innovative enough that it would deem a price tag that steep for a sub. Very few companies who are not into SQ specifically get to spend that much money to release something crazy and the owner has stated a long time ago that he will not get into that market of audio. (competition).
  16. shizzzon

    Crazy music streaming issue

    Um.. i'm with you too on that one.. That makes no sense, but yay! lol
  17. shizzzon

    Want to buy: AQ-20k

    just saying, some people thought when it first came out that it did 20k and was shot down.. Just making sure you didn't think that either.
  18. shizzzon

    Want to buy: AQ-20k

    omg.. if he didnt find that out and sold it working.. that sell would be the best i would have ever heard of.. Isn't the 20k only an 8000w amp on 12v systems? If that's true, there's no way it will do 20k on 18v.
  19. IT's probably a copy-protected disc. They went WAY overboard on copy protection and you see the result. If it does not have the cd audio logo on it, then that's what it is. also, you have to copy them to play them(on those players which can't read them), ironic right?
  20. Tip- If someone tells you that DC has skin effect at high frequency, turn around and smack them with some 1/0 cable.. That concept would be scientifically impossible so it would be fun to see, hehe.
  21. shizzzon

    Taramp's Q&A

    Not really.. Many parts i have seen from all kinds of random electronic boards are always cosmetically just thrown on there. You can't actually tell how good quality control really is unless it's a no-brainer crap build or.. where i was getting at, one that can be properly tested. A repair center that i talk to has told us that they will never lay a hand on stetsom ever again because the product itself is horrible. They said even though they are only suppose to fix what is wrong, seeing inside of those amps makes you want to fix the entire board. They have seen these amps and love them in terms of "fixability".
  22. Skin Effect ONLY applies to VERY high frequency which is AC. There is no skin effect for DC. Also, this frequency is so high, i do not believe it's even possible to be exhibited on speaker wire either.
  23. Replacing from oxidation is a good reason, but you are wrong about high strand being better.. In DC or non-high frequency AC, thicker gauge strands have the potential to carry more current because of less resistance. Strands are cylindrical. Therefore, there are air pockets between each strand. The more strands, the more air pockets when measuring the overall diameter. This is one main reason why welding cable or automotive cable(SGX) looks smaller than normal car audio cable. I assure you, unless the CCA wire has been oversized to compensate, it is not better compared to copper. Now, are you going to have issues? Don't know.. Probably not because you will have extra batteries to take the load off the front battery. You can actually use 4-8awg wire as ground up front because this battery, when other batteries are installed, doesn't require a large charge from the alternator because it mainly only supports the vehicle due to distance resistance for your car audio. I
  24. You may have just DOWNGRADED your ground then. Cars typically use low strand, thick strand gauge wiring but is copper. Using CCA, you would have downgraded the conductivity. Upgrading any wiring in the vehicle for voltage reasons should be in addition to, not replacement of unless the wire is physically damaged beyond repair.
  25. shizzzon

    Oh Mylanta!..... :P

    Just to let you know, 5 of the 8 boxes that were shipped to me they told me were beyond destroyed. They had to repackage them the best they could. Someone who works at Fedex seen what was being delivered and requested that they put all the subs on his fedex truck because he's a basshead and knows how many problems people can have with moving stuff like this. He was explaining this all to me when he got there. So, he got there, told me the whole story, helped me unload em all then stayed and checked em all before leaving. He was there a good 40min. He was also the guy who came back and delivered the last sub that Fedex somehow lost on the way.