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    Crazy music streaming issue

    Any problem related to a phone.. no matter the result or cause is typically always fixed by resetting your phone. I'd try restarting your phone first but if it's really an annoyance.. reset.
  2. If he only wants 10.5f, he isn't wanting an ultra cap. Caps for voltage filtering is a cosmetic install. Not needed but user choice. Nothing negative about it when used for that purpose.
  3. shizzzon

    new tweeters

    Just wanted to let you know i've ran a 1500w on a set of 4 before for long durations. Over 20min straight at full potential and there manifests a resonance. The cone itself starts to resonate somewhere in the 3khz range. I was advised to add mass to the cone to fix, lol.. So, this was a "secret" known issue with these but were released without warning.. OF course these are cheap priced and many people may not run the power i do to them but they handle it fine thermally, but acoustically, they need some work at high power.
  4. shizzzon

    Official Taramp's Announcement

    The SPL-Lab Section will also be the section for Taramp's Distribution services. The Owner of SPL-Lab USA(me) will be the new distributor for Taramp's 2014. I am a distributor, Tech Support, Sales Director and R&D for SPL-Lab. For Taramp's, we are a distributor and Sales Director. We work with companies to better help us all grow to the markets we are involved in. We have been working with Taramp's for quite a while and will be offering lots of products into the US market. We are a large distribution network for the Car Audio world and will be offering competitive services. As of 12-5-2013- Anyone who "thinks" they have a Dealer pricing sheet is now voided from use to those who are NOT official Taramp's Dealers. We did not find it in favor of Dealers or Distributors of Taramp's to be competing with "customers" who say they are a dealer and then buy direct at "Dealer cost" and undercut all business relations in the US. Because of this, Taramp's has now changed their Dealer Policy. Dealer Bulk orders are now In Effect. Minimum order is now required to maintain Dealer status. For more information, contact Taramp's Marketing Department for more details if this effects you or your intentions. We will be providing LOTS of information soon about Taramp's and we will have a thread where everyone can "battle it out" over this Brazilian company on how they have advanced the Audio market... or have they? Rumors of a Group Buy next month have been floating around.. Well, let me put a stop to this rumor! The Rumor is TRUE! More details on this next month.
  5. shizzzon

    Taramp's Q&A

  6. shizzzon

    Official Taramp's Announcement

    The HD's Power Supply can accept up to 16.0v so you are fine there. The HD8000 is capable of supplying up to 9,595w @13.8v at only 0.3%THD Coming from 8,000w @12.6v at 0.3%THD, one can only imagine the power at 14.4v, 15.0v and 15.5v and then drivin into 20% THD for competition... This amp can easily support up to 11k if supplied with high enough voltage and then some.
  7. shizzzon

    Taramp's Q&A

    I have detailed pics i will post of the HD8000. I'll post them up in a couple hours.
  8. 23,000w of pure power- Funny thing is.. my dream is coming true soon..
  9. shizzzon


    Because they do not account for power factor. Our Smart Monitor accounts for it. For a shop, if you wanted that tool, you would want the Smart Monitor Pro as there is no need to permanently attach anything. All current sensors are clamped, you can adapt clamps for the voltage sensors and the power line is fed by cig adapter. So quick hookup and unhook. We will have these in about 4 months.
  10. Sounds like you need a multimeter and an ammeter to start doing testing with car on and off to narrow it down.
  11. shizzzon

    Taramp's Q&A

    When is the Group Buy? It will begin around middle of January When will the Group Buy End? Probably around the middle of February When is payment required by? Probably around the middle of February When will the products be shipped? Expecting to ship out by early March so customers get them before SBN
  12. I will PM you MAP Pricing. Map pricing will be made publicly next month but not now.
  13. Early march. Just in time for SBN
  14. For that price I can double that power. If time isn't important, wait til tax time..
  15. shizzzon

    looking for crimpers for 0ga wire

    I have found a pair of hydraulic i plan on buying for around $115 that works up to 4/0. My next build again has over 200 4/0 terminals to crimp so hammering isn't ideal.
  16. I am going to be listing some questions in this first post in bold so we can discuss them in preparation for our distribution service. When we come to a conclusion, the answer will be edited under the question here in post 1. New questions will also be edited in post 1 as well while we go into conversation. Ok, here we go. Remote LED indicator. Displays turn on, protection status and clipping. This is only compatible with the HD line and automatically comes with only the smaller amps. Question #1 Should we supply this device with all HD amps automatically or as an option? Answer- It will be an option so our pricing is not effected by offering this module by default. Custom Wire inputs. Allows support for more power\ground cables to support these amplifiers. Mandatory requirement for safe use of preventing low voltage issues. Question #2 Should we force all amplifiers that we deem, to require inputs be supplied with said amplifier? Our pricing is effected by this option to the customer BUT we make no profit on these inputs as there is no profit to be made. Our prices are only affected by this by $10-45 per amp depending on input requirement. Answer- We are going to supply these inputs but only if we have them! If we do not, we will ship them separate when they come in. We are running tight on schedule and trying to get them all engineered before we receive stock. Customer Service. We all know what it is but do You want it no matter the results or can you handle your purchases on your own without our intervention? Question #3- How much do you value Customer Service? How much do you value Customer Service when the price is the best but the customer service is the worst?
  17. shizzzon

    Taramp's Customer Service Public Conversation

    Honestly, when i started with SPL-Lab, they were manufacturing their products with some failing parts in every device that i had them forcefully change over. So, I guess my character would say i want to help advance and change their efforts where they lack. They have great potential with some flaws and that's what I target i guess. To help. I guess i'm a sucker for it.
  18. shizzzon

    Taramp's Customer Service Public Conversation

    I'm not happy.. That's why i'm trying to push them out of this habit. Enough confrontational arguments about it may make something change soon to them.
  19. shizzzon

    Taramp's Customer Service Public Conversation

    And I agree. But you should read the bullcrap we have to go through... Customers are lucky we can offer pricing low and with expected warranty coverage without the support of the supplier. As we expand this company, we are trying to change their marketing one step at a time. DOA on spllab is easy as we are actually part of the company. Taramps is tricky but we are working out all the kinks without effecting the customer.
  20. shizzzon

    Taramp's Customer Service Public Conversation

    Update as of 12-11-2013 For the ENTIRE HD Line, we will be offering DOA coverage FREE. This ALSO includes Group Buy Pricing. More information being worked on...
  21. shizzzon

    Taramp's Customer Service Public Conversation

    No. Doa is not common for any brand unless a recall or a hault in production is called. Anyone remember rd audio.. thats been long time ago.. very uncommon.
  22. shizzzon

    Taramp's Customer Service Public Conversation

    Taramp's provides warranty but does 0% repair and 0% exchanges. Repair center in US does the service. To compensate for downtime and the ownership of fixed equipment, we are offering 3 options.. It seems the pay-as-you-need-it service is liked. We are doing this for those reasons, or offering it i should say. Reasons- shorter down time, maintain new amp status
  23. shizzzon

    Taramp's Customer Service Public Conversation

    Those % are to break even. There should be no profit in warranty service. It makes us feel deceitful if we tried that. We do keep track of all sales, every sale we've ever had with SPL-Lab since day 1 is stashed away. While we would still keep track of sales, warranty period starts from the day it's packaged, not the day the customer receives it. We have no control over that. This company moves over 15,000 products a month so there should be no random product waiting to ship overseas.. Everything should come with a warranty close to 1yr.