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  1. Thank yall very much! i figured it was something along those lines but wanted confirmation. Apperently i didnt search the right words cause i decided to post after a couple hours of searching. Thanks again hd and jay! And to answer you antoine, no the subs dont move at all.
  2. Whats up yall. Its been a while sence ive been around, but im back with another question... I got a sundown scv 4000d, got everything hooked up no problems. once i turn the key and let the power get to it, theres an audible click sound, almost a pop. Im wondering what it is. i did notice i hear the sound at the same time the blue power light comes on the amp, but i just want to be sure thats what it is. Thanks in advance!
  3. Pimp-Juice

    Harlem Shake! Love this stuff man!

    Maybe its just me, but i dont see a point to this. Its dumb.
  4. Pimp-Juice

    Amp(s) for 6 Lethals

    What amp would be large enough tho? Everywhere i look almost i see audiopipe along with cendo and sundown. Dont get me wrong, i wouldnt mind having cendo, but there more expensive then the subs lol
  5. Pimp-Juice

    Amp(s) for 6 Lethals

    yes i have the room, plus some. His are the same as mine, D4.
  6. Pimp-Juice

    Amp(s) for 6 Lethals

    at this point, i dont know. Im in the brainstorming point. What would you suggest? After all, i dont even have 6 yet.
  7. Pimp-Juice

    Amp(s) for 6 Lethals

    Well, i have 2 lethals now, but a friend of mine is planning on selling his four for a damn good price, so i cant pass it up.
  8. Pimp-Juice

    Amp(s) for 6 Lethals

    Im going to start a build soon with 6 lethal injection 12's. Any input on amps? Itll be 3600 watts rms just the subs and honestly i cant afford a $700 amp, but any input will be appreciated!
  9. Pimp-Juice

    Amp Heat

    OK lol i just wanted to be sure i didnt have something messed up somewhere and it wasnt just my amp. So basically, i need another amp to kill/reduce the heat is what im getting? Looks like its time to start saving for the endo i want...
  10. Pimp-Juice

    Amp Heat

    So this is a walmart amp? WTF! lol i didnt know that, they dont sale nothin but sony and pioneer around here. Well, power and ground is 4 gauge and speaker wire is 14.
  11. Hey there! Just a question, I know amps get hot, but i think mine gets too hot. It will get hot enough to burn the shit outta your hand if you touch it and count to 3. My question is, why? and can i prevent/stop this. I thought the problem was because of its location, it was under my seat, so i moved it out in the open thinking it would get more air and stay cooler. But i was wrong. It gets this hot on my way to and from work, so day and night regardless of outside temp. maybe 30 minutes of play. Its this amp - http://crunchusa.net/Crunch_PowerOneAmp.html the one in the picture. 2050.1 and i have 2 IA Lethal Injection 12's D4. My voltage never drops below 12, never. Any ideas?
  12. Pimp-Juice

    12" Flatlyne Sealed Enclosure - Ideas / cubic feet?

    whats the max demensions you can have?
  13. IA subs handle WAAAY more then the rms rating. I myself have 2krms on 2 Lethals, which are rated 600wrms each.
  14. Pimp-Juice

    Need a head unit

    yea i think i will take a chance on the jvc ive been eyeing. Thank you!
  15. Hello there! I have been looking for a new head unit for over a year now. Im picky tho. I want a good one (of course) double-din,am/fm, cd, usb all that stuff. Rear rca's and all, I want to be able to change the light colors. Ive spent a good bit of money matching all my interior lights and i dont want the head unit to be different. I also want a remote. Ive had good experiences with clarion in the past, but the guy at the local audio store says clarions quality has gone down a lot. Ive been looking at some jvc's, but im not sure there quality is any better now then it was a few years ago. Im trying to stay in the $200 range. Any suggestions? P.S. I dont care for flip outs or touch screens.