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  1. badbird454

    new member from alabama!

    Thanks man!..
  2. badbird454

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    That comfirms what i have been hearing.. i am a big Fi fan and cant wait for the oportunity to get my hands on a pair of them !!
  3. badbird454

    new member from alabama!

    I have been reading this forum for a long time and finally started an account! I have big ideas and plan on sharing my build, but for now im still shopping! need POWER !! LOL!
  4. badbird454

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I was on another forum and saw a link to here... im kinda like "jonny 5" NEED INPUT!! just looking to expand my knowledge base!
  5. badbird454

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    I was thinking they were "top secret" i looking for them on the site.. but still no sub... thanks you guys for the input though.. much love to my fellow bassheads!
  6. badbird454

    Team Fi Subs Release Date

    I am looking for Some info on when the new Fi Teams Subs will be released... I have seen the vids on youtube... and I want some!!
  7. badbird454

    new member checking in

    Hey saw this forum and had to sign up. I'm always looking to gain some knowledge. Thanks, Randy