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  1. bru92'

    Sundown SA15

    Train horns are cheaper than subwoofers but are way louder.
  2. bru92'

    SA-15s Power handling

    we all baby our equpiment...i've got four new babies (AA Meyhems) and I dust them everyday and put them on my bed during the day.
  3. bru92'

    SA-15s Power handling

    So should they be run off the Hifonics or get a new amp? The Hifonics will push 750 per driver, which would probably only be playing for short amounts of time at full.
  4. bru92'

    SA-15s Power handling

    A buddy of mine asked me if I could find him a set of good 15's. I suggested Sundown's SA-15 and I know that they are a good driver for a good price. However, I'm wondering how much power you can run through them, if you feed them clean power. They would be running of a Hifonics HFI1500d which would either push 1000@ 2 ohms or 1500@ 1 ohms depending on if we had dual 2 or dual 4. I suggested that he also buy a better amp but wasnt sure what one. Any suggestions? How much power? *budget for amp is undefined, I'm not sure if he wants to buy a new amp right now.
  5. bru92'

    Components or Coaxials in pillars?

    Okay, well just so that everbody knows more deatils: My current speakers are in door panles that aren't just for looks, they actulay form and enclosure for the mid range drivers. The doors are also sound deadend on the inner...inside and the inside, well you know what I mean. Tweeters are where the stock ones were, right in the front corner of the window (where the mirrors are). I was considering just running my new four chanel amp (VIBE) and seeing what that would do, considering my current amp is getting old. I also re-set all of my gains, and crossovers and checked the head units' max undistorted volume with my CC-1 and DD-1. Other than upgradeing speakers maybe to some really good ones, what would putting more sound deadener do? I dont have my firewall covered, or the floor. My speaker budget can be $400, but if im going to use more deadener, hehe well maybe less. What I want to be able to have sound that is clean at all volumes, even when driving on the highway. Im realizing now that this might not be a matter of better drivers though...
  6. bru92'

    Components or Coaxials in pillars?

    Okay but What about all of the people i've seen whos' door have something crazy like eight mid range drivers and pillars loaded with tweeters? I understand that having multiple drivers can create dead zones and cause poor response but I'm finding that im not getting enough "sound energy" from just one mid rage and tweeter per side. I though about increasing the power and getting bigger drivers like some Sundown Neo-Pros but I just figured that adding more drivers would be better. Not to mention, going to a three way system would mean I'd have to rebuild my door panels possibly and get a new amp.
  7. bru92'

    SSA Member Survey

    1. How old are you : 20 2. When did you get into car audio : probably before I could drive, buying old speakers and trying to hook them up to my parents car...hehe didnt go well. 3. How did you first get into car audio : Being fasinated with the big subwoofers at Walmart when I was a kid. 4. Whats your favorite color : Flat black or maroon. 5. Male or female : Male 6. Your first Car : 03 Mazda Protege 5, and I still have it! 8. How did you find out about this site : It was on Sundowns' list of online dealerships. 9. What was your first system: kenwood h/u with two Pioneer 5x7s in the doors powered by a Pioneer GM6000f - I still use it! 11. Were do you live : Canada! 12. Whats you favorite car audio brand : Rockford Fosgate for quality, DC Audio for power! 15. Who is our hero in the car audio industry : Steve Meade. Honestly, I remeber watching his stuff back on Realm of Excursion! 16. Whats your dream system : An SQ build that is clean but would be able to hit 150s...hey its a dream for a reason. 17. Whats your dream car : Mclaren MP4-12C 18. Whats the fastest car you have driven/ridden in : drove a Porsche 911 Turbo 19. Were do you buy most of your car audio products : Is this a trick question? Well I'm planning on using SSA more often 20. What is your job : I work at a place called Precision Laser. Enough said. 21. Whats your favorite saying : "well you know how it is" 24. Whats your favorite brand of cars : Mazda and Dodge 25. What do you like better, cars, vans, trucks, or suv's : Hatchback cars because theres not seperation from the cabin to the trunk! More bass! 29. Whats is the most recent thing you have purchased : a hat 31. Who do you think is the most knowledgeable person on SSA : not sure yet. 32. What is your personal best on the TL? and with what equipment : 110 with two kicker L3s! not sure if that good or not for kickers. 33. SQ or SPL? why : Both! SQ for daily driving and SPL for weekend hair tricks!
  8. bru92'

    I know I have a car audio addiction when......

    ....a little bit of road noise takes away the "crispy highs" so I buy more deadaner. ....detest on driving in friends cars becasue of stock sterios. ....everytime I buy new equipment, it last about a month before i want bigger and better equipment. ....increasing power from 500 to 1000 to 1500 to 2000 to 3000watts in 8 months.
  9. I used to ask the same question, but then my dad who was into car audio when he was a kid said "Why does it matter? isn't it all mono? All I ever had in my car was mono!"
  10. Well, techinally it doesn't matter becasue the SAX-1200D is a mono amp. So if you put the left into the right, the amplifyer still turns it into mono which is a single channel. Not sure if that answered your question...your post is a bit confusing to understand.
  11. I'm doing a bit of work on my front stage in my 03 mazda and need some ideas on what drivers I should uses for pillars. I built door panels that house rockford P1652-S components running off my old Pioneer GM6000f rms 125watts per side. Sound is crazy clean but I want a bit more. So, I've got plans for building some new pillars that will either house some coaxials or components. I've got a new VIBE DEATHBOXS4-V1 that will rms125watts x 4 channels. idealy, I want to run my P1652-S's and whatever i put in the pillars off the VIBE and my rear speakers (cheap coaxials from princess auto) off the Pioneer. SO: For 125 watts rms, what should I use in pillars? coaxials or componets? RIght now im looking at a set of RF T152's (coaxials) Im VERY particular to rockford fosgate but im open to suggestions. $200 is my budet.
  12. bru92'

    Newbs pleeze read b4 posting

    Proud to be a noob!
  13. bru92'

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Found you guys through Sundown Audio's website asking for online dealerships.
  14. bru92'

    Canada Eh!

    EH! SSA! You guys are my saviours for audio. Best place to buy specialty audio that shippes to Canada without depleating my wallet! So, naturally, when I found out you had a forum I joined. I hope I can learn some stuff to tell my buddies who ask me a lot of questions, and maybe get a chance to share some audio tips that we run up here in canada! Props to SSA!