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  1. buickbass

    pair of ssa 15 inch evils for sale or trade

    How much to 87121 thanks
  2. buickbass

    pair of ssa 15 inch evils for sale or trade

    Do u still have these if so I'm interested need to beg wife
  3. buickbass

    nm albuquerque bassheads

    where all the bass heads in nm
  4. buickbass

    help trunk build

    okay thanks guys for the help I'm just going to leave it and wrap it in some fabric or so . so it won't look bad thanks you guys saved me from my car caving in
  5. buickbass

    help trunk build

    electrical box like a computer but I was gonna hid that under my carpet make a floor for it so wat u think brother cut or no
  6. buickbass

    help trunk build

    got it finally figured it out big jon and its not really steal its aluminum
  7. buickbass

    help trunk build

  8. buickbass

    help trunk build

    I'm sorry no pic I'm on mobile I really don't know how to post pics and no its for daily
  9. buickbass

    help trunk build

    hey guys I'm doing a trunk build with Subs forward and port to sealed off well my question is my seat don't fold down I took it out and behind the seat there is an x frame metal from going in the trunk so does that give strength to car or can I cut it off need help
  10. Hi guys im be in a process of putting 2 dc xl on 2 aq 2200s strapped and my h/o is a 125amp if i get a xs d7500 will be enough for my aq2200s or get a 270 amp alt and d3100 be good im low on cash right now thats y im asking if a xs d7500 be enough help
  11. buickbass

    WTT 2 12" ssa zcons

    would u sell if so how much to 87105
  12. buickbass

    christmas sale?

    hi yes i know there was a black friday sale i was wondering is there goin to be a. 12 days of xmas sale i wana buy a system for my son
  13. buickbass

    black friday

    thanks brother cnt wait
  14. buickbass

    black friday

    for ur info homie im always checking the store it was a question bro
  15. buickbass

    black friday

    is there gonna be one cuz i want me some zcon 18s any know? who else is gonna go on a shopping spree