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    Stetsom 1k5h test

    Still nothing on the fan? Its been a great amp. But it's embarrassing when I want to show someone my system and this noisy ass fan is heard when the volume is low. Its really bad if I want to drive with no music and all you can hear is this annoying fan in the background.
  2. lazeris

    Help with Sketch

    Now how do I get a cut sheet for that?
  3. lazeris

    Help with Sketch

    I suck at google sketch. Can someone help me? I know the dimensions but I would like to see it in 3D. Width, 38 inches Height, 18 inches Top Depth, 10 inches Bottom Depth, 18 inches This is for a 15 inch sub. The sub will be mounted on the angled panel. I am using two 4 inch aero ports that will be mounted on the top 10x38 panel.
  4. lazeris

    Help with Sketch

    That was awesome! Thanks!
  5. lazeris

    Help with Sketch

    Anyone wanna help me out with this?
  6. lazeris

    Stetsom 1k5h test

    I still want to know if it would be ok to disconnect it. Im even willing to buy a better quieter fan, but the one in there is VERY loud.
  7. lazeris

    Stetsom 1k5h test

    Is there any way to disconnect the fan? Its very annoying. I dont think it really needs it, its well ventilated.
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    Transaction was smooth and he responded to emails promptly. Prompt payment as well.
  9. lazeris

    Slot Port vs. Round Port

    This was helpful I was wondering the same thing. That port calc was good.
  10. lazeris

    Plan my setup?

    I have ideas about what I am going with but I want to see what others would do in my situation. I want to get as loud as possible in a setup with one battery under the hood. Here is the catch. The battery has already been decided. It is a XS Power D3400. Stock alt. Lets just look at the subwoofer setup. I am keeping my stock mids and highs for now. Also I would like to keep as much cargo space as I can in my small SUV. I will even throw this out there. For the sub box I have about 5 cubes of space I can work with. So basically I am looking for a sub/amp combination that would work with my electrical.
  11. lazeris

    Plan my setup?

    Good input, thanks Julian.
  12. lazeris

    Plan my setup?

    Would the HC1400 be good enough as a supplement batt in the rear? I'm very careful with my equipment. Iv had the following setups and never fried and amp or blown a sub: Very first system I messed around with was when I was about 13, LOL, this is embarrasing but I hooked this up in my moms ride. Two Radio Shack Optimus 8's in truck style sealed enclosures on a sherwood 2ch amp. Then at 16 my older brother wanted something installed in his new 97 civic, so I put in two Orion XTR2 8's in a bandpass box off of a little 2 ch Power Acoustic amp. When I got my first car or truck I should say, I took the Orion subs and we put in two Pioneer 12's in bandpass boxes off of a JBL amp, I forget the model. Well soon after I sold the Orion subs and gave the little Power Acoustic to a cousin and purchased two JL W3 10's in a sealed box and a Precision Power PC2400 ( I think that was the model) Then I sold my 88' S-10 (stupidest thing I ever did) because I had gotten a new 2000 Malibu I purchased some W3 12's in a prefab sealed box being pushed by a JBL BP1200.1 (great amp) I think this is getting too long so I will just say my next few sub/amp combos were never abused and worked great while I owned them, these were all on stock electrical unless noted otherwise. 2- Rockford Fosgate HX2 12's/JBL1200.1 (same as above) 2- MTX 9512/Hifonics Brutus BXI2005 (I think that was the model) With this setup I had two yellow tops, one in front, one in back and big three done. 1- RE Audio MX18/US Amps AX3200-DE (ran at 2ohms) Kinetik hc1400 in front, HC2000 in back. 2- TC Sounds OEM10's/same amp as above, still at 2ohms. Same batteries as above. Maybe I don't push my system as hard as others do, I dont know, but the loudest I have gotten on music has been about 135 decibels. Main reason I started this threat is to see what others thought would be good for a one battery setup and if that could get me 140's on music. I may be looking into this too much but I just wanted some opinions before I start making some purchases.
  13. lazeris

    Plan my setup?

    Good idea on the volt meter. I will use that. Still want more suggestions on amp/sub combos. Here is what I am leaning towards right now: 1 DC Audio LVL4XL 15" in 5 cubes @ 35hz off of a Stetsom 1k5. Would that get me in the low to mid 140's on music so I can bass race 139.9 class? BTW the amp sub combo does not necessarily have to do that, but it would be nice.
  14. lazeris

    Plan my setup?

    Stock alt is 110amp. IF i absolutely have to, I have a Kinetik HC1400 I can put in the back, but I would rather save the space/weight of adding an extra battery. I also would not put anything bigger than a HC1400 in the back if I needed an extra battery.
  15. lazeris

    Plan my setup?

    I would love to replace my stock alt but It will cost around $700 just for the alt, and its mounted under the engine so I do not want to tackle that job so that means I would have to pay someone to do it. I am making %30 percent less than I was when I got laid off from my old job. Im happy to have a job but I just will not be able to put in the system I wanted. Yes it is a CRV, its an 07' I am keeping the stock system in for now because I LOVE the navigation unit in there and I already have an RF 360.2 I will be using to tap into the stock sound system. I may add a 4ch down the road but it will not be anything big. I can build my own box and will be doing so. Wires, fuses, ect, I already have. The problem I am having is choosing the right sub/amp combo. Yes I want to get as loud as possible, but this will be for music. I may compete from time to time but it would probably be just bass race. If you want a budget lets say $1000, JUST SUB(s) & AMP. I know it depends alot on install but like I said I have about 5 cubes to play with for the sub box alone.
  16. What is the importance of an amps efficancy? I know being effeciant in anything is good, but how does this affect amplifier performance when comparing apples to apples. If you have one amp that is say 90% effeciant at 4ohms and another amp that is 70% effeciant at 4ohms and are both rated to put out 500 watts at 4ohms at 12.8 volts; what does the effeciancy rating tell me, the consumer, about the amp I am using? Any input would be appreciated.
  17. lazeris

    Subwoofer/port placement in trunk

    You have time to be posting on here. You have time to test on the TL. Im curious to see what you come up with.
  18. If a fuse keeps popping, its not a good idea to keep trying to put a new one without taking care of the problem first. If you do not see anything, send it in for repair.
  19. lazeris

    Happy Fathers Day

    Have a good one! Be safe!
  20. lazeris

    Silverado Rebuild. 4 DC Lvl 4XL 18's In A BlowThrough

    Very nice! How does a blow through work without ports?
  21. Right on, that's some good info.
  22. One of these will be my next amp. The T1500 may or may not be the CP version. I will decide that if I decide to go with the RF amp. Will be powering two DC lvl3 15's.
  23. lazeris

    2 21" Wardens

    Wow, I smell a 150 @ 20hz.
  24. Well my last setup was a US Amps AX-3200 and the only electrical upgrades were a Kinetik 1400 up front and a 2000 in the back. It ran fine at 2 ohms. So with this setup I am planning on going simple and light so I squeezed the biggest I could fit under the hood so I went with a XS Power D3400 which is supposed to be good for up to 2500 watts so we will see. Oh yeah, which one would be the most efficient at 1ohm?