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  1. crunch1

    9887 question

    yes I totally agree with getting the midbass upfront where it will sound a hundred times better and even out the front stage.
  2. crunch1

    Phoenix Area Outlaw SPL shows 12/09/07 & 12/16/07

    to far for me otherwise id go.
  3. crunch1

    almani audio

    personally no I havnt, but for the price of the line 7 series subs you could do alot better with Fi
  4. crunch1

    Welcome to the IHoP

    place pillow over face gently apply pressure
  5. crunch1

    almani audio

    http://www.almaniaudio.com/ seems like they sell a bit of everything
  6. crunch1

    I'm still buying CD's

    I buy 90% of my music (CD) and a stamped cd will retain better quality than a burned one
  7. crunch1

    Quick Ohm/Electrical Question

    depends on alot of things. I would suggest either running a dual alt set up or bumping to at least a 140amp or higher alt. at .5 ohms the 1500 likes to sucka da juice
  8. crunch1

    1st Place trophy for SSA ICON's

    congrats on your first place.
  9. crunch1

    hair trick

    nice hair tricks, your van pounds.
  10. crunch1

    subwoofer wiring

    10 to me is better, but I tend to over size a bit for peace of mind.
  11. crunch1

    subwoofer wiring

    yes 10 gauge will be fine.
  12. crunch1

    subwoofer wiring

    at least 12 gauge 10 is better
  13. crunch1

    Fi BL, SSA Icon, or DD 9500??

    heh well ya there are to many variables to definitely say this is louder than that in this combo or that set up. but I would rather do 1 15inch sub than 2 10inch subs. but thats just me you might like the sound of two 10's better. now for the brand icon or fi bl either or are great subs with the right tweeking. DD to me sounds hollow but everyone has different tastes.
  14. just off the top of my head your comparing a 18inch to a 15inch... with this said - apples and oranges.