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  1. Amped Up

    NeoPro 6.5 or SA 6.5CS

    I was about to come back and say... why the hell don't I run active, I've already got the amp to do it and it would save time with messing with passives. Gives me way more adjustability too.
  2. Amped Up

    NeoPro 6.5 or SA 6.5CS

    I know some of the higher end sets might have x-overs that are more closely matched for the tweeter and mid they are built for but I wonder how it would sound if I through a set pulled form one of the Sundown components onto the neopros?? Guess there is one way to find out.
  3. Amped Up

    NeoPro 6.5 or SA 6.5CS

    That's actually not a bad idea.
  4. Amped Up

    NeoPro 6.5 or SA 6.5CS

    Putting a Sundown system in our 2009 Tundra DC shop truck and debating on NeoPro 6.5's or the new SA 6.5cs in the front doors. Either set will be sealed and running off a SAX-100.4 at 4ohms backed up with a pair of SD 10v3's on a 1500.1 running 1ohm. looking for SQ over SPL in this build so any and all input would be helpful. Currenlty have a set of SD 6.5's in the door now and was thinking of using the x-overs from them to run the NeoPros but can build a custom x-over if needed. Thanks,