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  1. I decided to go with a Massive Audio N2, going to pick up the sub tomorrow morning, and waiting on the amp to arrive shortly too. Will post back after it's all setup! I'm assuming you went with the 2ohm version, otherwise this amp won't be ideal.
  2. Good to know on the wiring, I'll have to see the cost difference between the 2 sizes then. Any opinions on the 3 amps, from a budget build standpoint?
  3. I'm assuming big 3 need to be done in 0 awg, or would 4 awg be enough? Just not sure as I have some long runs in my car as the battery is in the trunk.
  4. It seems like most people are liking the PPI BK650.1D, and I'm leaning towards it now. The other three amps I'm debating between still are either Massive Audio N2, Boston Acoustics GT-2200, or the Audiopipe APSM-1500 Anyone know if I'd be ok to run the GCON @ 1ohm on the APSM, or would it have to be 4ohm, as it's almost double the rms? (Assuming gains are set correctly of course.) Also, would I need to do the big 3, for any of these amps, or would I likely be ok?
  5. GT-2125, if I'm looking at it right, is only 600W bridged at 2ohm...Unless I'm completely out of it.
  6. So...I'm assuming that going with PPI, or the MB would be a good choice though, or has anyone heard about the others on list? Or has anyone else heard about alternatives to those on the list in my price range?
  7. Thanks, can't wait for it to arrive! and I wasn't positive on the amount needed, just figured those ones looked to be good enough, and the price was right.
  8. I'm still waiting for the GCON 10-D2 to actually arrive, but figured I'd take the time to look for a amp to power this beast now. It will be in a sealed box, in a saturn ion 2003. Looking to present a 1ohm load at amplifier, since I'm assuming that power at 4ohms is asking too much for my budget. No HO alt, or big 3 done yet, assuming it won't be needed yet though. I was mostly wondering if I'd need to feed it the full 750w, or if I could get by with less, near the 500w level? Just wondering as my budget is a bit tight currently, and I was hoping to grab the amp for under $150. Given what I've listed, would any of these amps work well, or are there others I should be considering? All listed are CEA-2006 compliant, so I'm assuming they all do rated. 1. Concept CC-D1200 (Apparently 750W @ 1ohm stable, manufacturer refurb, so not new) 2. Massive Audio N2 (800w @ 1ohm) 3. PPI BK650.1D (650w @ 1ohm) 4. Hifonics GLX1000.1D (1000w @ 1ohm) 5. MB Quart ONX1.1000D (1000w @ 1ohm) Thanks for taking the time to look, hoping I get some great feedback!
  9. Kaschan

    Canadian with Questions!

    That looks pretty nice, thanks! I wasn't even thinking about 2 channel amps, forgot about bridging...
  10. Kaschan

    Canadian with Questions!

    I'd be willing to buy used, assuming the price was right. I figured it would be a lot easier to find a 2ohm stable amp near 750rms in my budget, than it would be to find a 1 or 4 ohm amp. So, the Crunch PZA-1500.1, or the MB Quart ONX1.1000D would both be around the same amp? I'm assuming Soundstream PN1.650D is overrated for it's price point? (I can get it for $110 locally, if that makes a difference on it)
  11. Kaschan

    Canadian with Questions!

    After buying the GCON, I have ~$300, figured I could stretch it far with sales this weekend, and tomorrow as well! I have a 4-channel amp already that a friend donated to me when he upgraded, so I don't have that to worry about. From the research I've done so far, I think most of the speakers were somewhat liked online, I was unsure on the amps though.
  12. Kaschan

    Canadian with Questions!

    Hello SSA forums, glad to be a new member here! I just ordered a 10" GCON (dual 4 ohm, for a sealed box), and was curious as to what types of RMS levels it would take to work well? I know it takes up to 750 WRMS, I was just curious how well it would do with less than that, as I still need to get an amp for it, and money is an issue. it will be in a 2003 Saturn Ion, no sound deadening, and it is a daily driver, so I was looking for decent sound quality, with the ability to thump if need be on occasion. On a related note, would either Soundstream PN1.650D, or a Crunch PZA1500.1 be better for this sub? I'm open to other amplifiers, but I was looking to spend under $150, and these seemed to fit the bill, assuming they do rated power. Lastly, and I know this is getting complicated now, but to complement this sub+amp combo, would a set of Image Dynamics CTX-65, Focal-165-CA1, or Focal-165-CVX be the most effective complement for a front soundstage? I have no experience with creating mounting locations for component tweeters (none in car currently), so I figured staying with coaxial would be the safest, assuming there isn't a massive loss in quality. Thanks for all your help/assistance, and looking forward to getting farther in to the world of car audio!
  13. Kaschan

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Was digging around for some info on a 10" sub to buy, and kept getting told that SSA subs were about the best value you could get, so here I am! Just ordered a gcon 10" can't wait for it to arrive!