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  1. rloyola0426

    SSA gcon or AA chaos?

    Yup! I've already reached out to dc creations for a quote on a box. Any other builders you guys recommend out in the southern California area that is reasonably priced with reasonable turnaround time?
  2. rloyola0426

    SSA gcon or AA chaos?

    I wonder how much that national back order is lengthening the wait time though. A month already seems like forever.
  3. rloyola0426

    SSA gcon or AA chaos?

    Crap, I just ordered a 12" GCON D4. How do I cancel my order with SSA? I knew I should have waited.
  4. rloyola0426

    SSA gcon or AA chaos?

    Thanks for the advice, guys. I will stick with the SSA GCON. Now those 21 days + national back order need to go by faster...
  5. rloyola0426

    SSA gcon or AA chaos?

    I did not want to start a new thread but I have the same type of question. I am trying to decide between a 12" SSA GCON and a 12" Ascendant Audio Chaos. Their specs look very similar, but I was wondering if the 3rd spider as well as the sandwiched tinsels in the Chaos are worth the extra $100 (GCON currently on sale as well as free shipping on SSA products). I will only be running one sub in a 1.5 cu ft sealed enclosure, powered by a Nakamichi pa-1500 in a 2ohm load. This sub will go in my daily driver so this is not a "which is louder" question. More of which one has the least likelyhood of failing if pushed periodically. Basically, do those 2 different qualities that make the Chaos more durable translate to a $100 better subwoofer in the real world? Also, which sub has the better sq?