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  1. garychurch84

    Any IAK still on here?

    We’re not very active here anymore, mostly on the group page on Facebook
  2. Finally got logged back in!

    How have you guys been? It’s been a while since I’ve been in here.

  3. garychurch84

    SSA Demon (all new)

    The icon was my favorite by far,no complaints with the zcon either though!
  4. garychurch84

    SSA Demon (all new)

  5. How is everyone ? Haven’t been on much in awhile, just been lurking in the shadows mostly.

  6. garychurch84

    GCON replacement ETA?

    Tuned in
  7. garychurch84

    SSA ICON Series Amplifiers **ALL NEW!!**

    New IMproved Zcon?
  8. garychurch84

    nice sounding 6.5's for under $200

    Sounds like an advertisement to me.
  9. garychurch84

    Cant decide between ICON and XCON

    Had a pair of two 12's Icons sound really good, could get plenty loud also doing it.
  10. garychurch84

    Cant decide between ICON and XCON

    Xcon was the guided missile straight to the chrome dome!!
  11. Tuned in, im interested in this as well!
  12. Back the gain down Sounds like its clipping which will make it draw hard on the electrical .5 is hard enough as is.
  13. garychurch84

    To kick, or not to kick

    I dont See the point of going active running parallel ofF the Kicks., defeating the cause.... my 2 cents
  14. garychurch84

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

  15. garychurch84

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    Thanks SSA for the ignore user option!
  16. garychurch84

    SSA Evil 1 (first SSA tweeter)

    Tuned in
  17. garychurch84

    Various car audio for sale

    I haven't been using anything, been able to upload straight from my phone here lately.
  18. garychurch84

    Old-School 15" MTX ThunderPro 750 Question

    You said they where kicker C15c's on the car audio forum
  19. I wouldn't mind a pair of those Q's myself!!!! OP what vehicle are you going to be putting the EVIL in? Curious...lol