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    I backordered 2 sundown e12v2 on may 14 I haven't got any updates on my order since they've been back in stock. can you tell me when my order will be processed and shipped?
  2. i think i leaning towards the two i12s b/c of more cone area and i think ill be pretty loud since its a hatchback anyways so ill tell you guys how it sounds when i install it and might post pics.
  3. hello everybody, i just got a 3000gt hatchback and i need a know what would the best setup for a setup sealed box b/c space is limited so i need to know will 2 i12s or the 15 lethal injection sealed sound the best in my car? looking to push 1000-1200 watts with the subs facing the hatch glass.
  4. does anyone have the box specs for the i series? i cant find them anywhere
  5. thats sounds like what im looking for
  6. basically i like more of tight, deep bass sound when i say sq
  7. i probably can , depends on how much leg room i have to give up
  8. yes the l3 were sealed. they were pretty loud but just trying to see if i can improve in the sq department
  9. im basically looking for good mix of sq and spl. my last system was 2 10 kicker L3s so im trying to upgrade from that.
  10. the amp is a soundstream rubicon 1.1000d and the box will be sealed at about 0.6 cub ft of air space per chamber
  11. hi guys, first posting on the forums, Im planning an install for my single cab truck with 2 10s and was considering the e10s from sundown or the incriminator audio i series and i wanna know which sub is the better option?