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  1. New Flatlyne?

    This is what Nick told me in an email back in February.
  2. Bad news for the IA80.1

    Here is the clamp test http://www.****/forum/testing-scientific-data-discussion/163604-my-test-incriminator-audio-80-1-a.html#post2197335
  3. Bad news for the IA80.1

    So what about lower scores on supposed equal/more power when switching to these amps? And what about the amps blowing?.
  4. Bad news for the IA80.1

    Seems the IA80.1 is getting a bad rep. Read on other forums of amps blowing, lower scores, and clamp test of it not doing rated power.
  5. 2013 IA 80.1 & 40.1 Photos

    Here is some info on the splitforce tech. http://www.incriminatoraudio.com/fb/SplitForcePressRelease060513.pdf
  6. New IA Subwoofer Porn...

    Death Row, Death Penalty Lethal Injection, Warden, Judge
  7. new 20.1 question

    Question: So hom many people in this thread actually use/own a 2013 model IA20.1 and run it at less than 1 ohm?
  8. new 20.1 question

    Well seeing as I actually have one of the new IA20.1's and am running it at 1/2 ohm daily with no issues I would think you would be fine. I would also figure that you probably have a more stout electrical system then I do so even more so it shouldnt be an issue.
  9. new 20.1 question

    They will run 1/2 ohm nominal no problem. Got mine wired at 1/2 ohm all day every day and beat on it constantly. Never had it go into protect.
  10. I would flare it as much as you can. It does make a difference. I use a 1.5" round over for anything bigger than 6".
  11. DIY Soundgroup Zephyr build

    I like your jig. I made some on our CNC plasma. Most of the time for square cutouts I just make a jig with strips of old MDF. Works great and its basically free.

    Is there a pole vent?
  13. New 2013 Death Penalty

    2K RMS bumpped up from the 1500 on the previouse model.

    Hahahaha just seen it on FB and my jaw almost dropped. Good job. Ill have to finalize my order and have you guys ship some out to me.