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  1. cougarballa2k5

    Warden Series Release

    My question would be are we looking at DDZ pricing? I don't know if they came down but the DDZ was stupidly priced when it came out.
  2. cougarballa2k5

    SAZ-1500D High Voltage Testing

    Is it safe to say that at 1 ohm reactive @ 15.0v each amp will do 2200 watts? That is sick.
  3. cougarballa2k5

    Fi Q 12" making a strange vibrating sound...

    I'd bet money you have an airleak. Ensure the woofer is mounted with gasket material as well as all screws are properly fastened. Also if possible take the woofer out and try to as I put it "finger" the seams with loctite.
  4. cougarballa2k5

    Screws vs. Brad Nails

    I use to be a screw man, no I use a staple gun. Lets argue staples vs brads :-D
  5. cougarballa2k5

    3 - 3.5 cube to spare

    Any 15s in the FI lineup that will excell with about 3 - 3.5 cubes and 1200 watts? Looking between FI DD and AQ.
  6. cougarballa2k5

    Port area for (2) 12" Icons

    The 6" aero will suffice, how much power though as well as what tuning? If you can keep the length to around 20" or less go with two of them.
  7. cougarballa2k5

    Who wants a FREE DP 18?

    So the new members have to respond to this thread when they join? That ace guy smells fishy :-p but w/e - I'm going to enter just hope that this really works out for IA and the SSA boards.
  8. cougarballa2k5

    1990 Bronco II Pics / Vid

    Kudos on the bronco II :-D. Can't wait to start my project on mine. Jacob, keep me in mind!!!
  9. cougarballa2k5


    Guys, multi piece the box. I got over 10 cubes in a ford focus trunk, NET airspace mind you.
  10. cougarballa2k5

    21's or 18's

    I haven't looked at any specs on the DP drivers but in my experience with doing blowthroughs, bandpass is the way to go. I've done three 4th order blowthroughs and one series tuned 6th order.
  11. cougarballa2k5

    First Pair of Sundown Audio Nightshade 15's (PICS)

    Can't wait to order mine!! 4 or 6, that is the question.
  12. cougarballa2k5

    rl-p 15

    Power? Thats a heavy # for 2 15s in a daily driver box.
  13. cougarballa2k5

    RL-p 8

    Mike, whats the possibility of an RL-p 8? I imagine its been discussed before. Probably not enough demand for 8s to warrant having two lines competing with each other. On another OT note to save topic space...anyone actually running the RL-p 18s in car yet? I loved my 15s to death, 2.75 ported was incredible -- just amazing for a 15 to work so well in that size box.
  14. cougarballa2k5

    got the new Beast

    Yeh brian the SX isn't meant to stand a saz3000. My SX15 was pushed to its limit on my IA20.1 -- the IA put that SX through the ringer. SX is a 1000 - 1500 RMS speaker.
  15. cougarballa2k5

    Not getting 1000 watts out of my SAE-1000D

    Ive found that most radios dont put out their claimed voltage until damn near max volume and max sub volume. 30/40 isn't going to get you where they are making claims. On my 5v kenwood I get clean volume to 33/35. With your radio sub volume 6 and volume 35ish MIGHT yeild 2 volts...whether or not its clipped who knows. Get the oscope.