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  1. Lost4Words

    12" SSD Question

    ok so the ssds are rated at 1000w ... so if you have them fully loaded ... what would that do for the rms power handling?
  2. Lost4Words

    12" SSD BAD lead slap!

    yeah i thought so ... thier in a temp box right now ... i'll wait and see what they do in the box i'm building
  3. Lost4Words

    12" SSD BAD lead slap!

    ok so i have 2 12" ssd (Ohm: Dual 1 Ohm, Dust Cap: Fire, FlatwindCoil: Yes+20, Cooling: Yes+30, QTS: H-Qts Sealed, Internal Lead: No) .. running off an R/F t1500 "brithsheet 1900w rms @ 1ohm" ... they both have VERY bad lead slap .. sounds like shit! .. so what do i do?
  4. Lost4Words

    Your order # and when shipped

    Order #1175 ... Ordered on Feb. 14th ... Shipped March 27th ... (2) SSD fully loaded .. Hope this helps