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  1. buickid

    sds contact

    Sent Don an e-mail 9 days ago, and a follow-up 4 days ago, no reply to either. When I ordered CLD tiles for my last vehicle, I had a reply within a day. The product was superb, along with the service. I have limited time to complete my build before things get crazy again, but I can't start until I get some deadening. I really want to go with SDS again because of my great experience with the product last time. Cash in hand, ready to play! Edit: Just read the post about his overwhelming amount of e-mails, that makes sense. Hope he can make it all work out, hes got a fantastic product! Edit2: Don pulls through with the great service I expected!
  2. buickid

    BTL on two 4500D?

    Hmm, guess I'll be getting a couple more batteries. And some helper bags for the rear!
  3. buickid

    BTL on two 4500D?

    Haha, I'm hoping it'll make sound... And I'm wondering how long it'll take to go poof heh
  4. buickid

    BTL on two 4500D?

    Have a couple SAZ-4500D heading my way. Playing around with my options. My BTL18 is quite happy on two SAZ-1500D, I wonder what would happen if I threw two 4500D at it? I plan on building a box tuned real low (~27Hz), tired of chasing numbers, want something that drops looooow.
  5. buickid

    Speaker Wire Gauge

    Heh, how is this? Does it have anything to do with my profile saying "Location:Oahu, Hawaii"? Edit: Or is it the tasty tasty SPAM!
  6. buickid

    Speaker Wire Gauge

    16 gauge it is
  7. buickid

    Speaker Wire Gauge

    Tru Technology S44 (2x200 @ 4 ohms) to a pair of DLS X-Program SA62 6.5" comps. Speaker wire size recommendation? Thanks!
  8. buickid

    Port End Correction

    Do you guys take this into account (from the JL box building page): I take this as meaning I subtract half of the port width from the length. For example, my calculations calls for a 16.5 x 6.15 x 26.25" long port in order to tune to 33Hz. Does the physical port in the box then become 26.25 - 3.07= 23.18 inches long?
  9. I'm guessing your wanting to run your amps and a separate battery bank on 16v? You planning on running a second alternator dedicated to audio? Well, I have a project I'm working on. Using a car HU and some spare 6x9 Infinity Reference Series speakers that I have lying around to build a portable radio. Is it compact/light/best idea ever? Probably not, but I like tinkering with and building things, so its a fun little project. For power, I'm using a 12-cell Ni-MH pack. Each cell is supposed to be about 1.2V, but fully charged, the pack sits around 16.8V. It drops to 16V under a 1A load in about 1-2 min.
  10. How do most HUs hold up under high voltage, say 16V?
  11. I'm working on a little project where the only available power source is a 12 cell Ni-MH pack, starting at 16.8V fully charged, but dropping to 15-16V after some use. Would a HU run on this, or would it go up in smoke?
  12. buickid

    I bought the last ever brand new Zed Deuce!

    Holy mother. Thats more amps then then I've ever heard about. x_X
  13. buickid

    will this bumb??

    i dont see whats so great about bumbing anyway... Totally overrated.
  14. Simply put, the cap will do nothing for you. A battery will.