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  1. mjay2k

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    Oh man. I thought 21 day wait was going to be hard... Any updates on a round of Gcons? LoL. Order #5954 Order Date: 13th Mar 2013 Potentially 3 months? Harsh.
  2. Couldn't I just use the recommended specs and punch it into that reaudio thing?
  3. Well, I don't have the budget to drop 200-300+ on a box at the moment. If you can suggest an affordable box that would be appropriate for this sub, I'll likely bite. Like I said, at some point I'll probably upgrade it. Maybe it would be a fun project to try to take on myself. I'll let you guys know how good/bad I think it sounds with this crap box.
  4. Well I'm going to go ahead and use my pinto of a vehicle for this epic sub. For now. If I'm not satisfied with the sound then I may be getting then a bigger better box sooner rather than later. However, I've never had a system this nice, and with a little girl on the way having some trunk space will likely prove handy. Back when I got the first system installed in this car (updated all the speakers and put in a much more peasant sub & amp) I went with 8 gauge I guess to save money. At the time I never figured I'd need much more. And getting that RF amp above, maybe I won't. Regardless, it may be a source of upgrade at some point. Maybe with my next vehicle. Better amp, box, and wiring to go with the super hero sub. I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased with my set up even with a crappy box. At least it's nice knowing my sub (at least for my taste) is future proof.
  5. OKAY! I decided to get a new amp. Found out my car is only equipped with 8 gauge wire (OOPS!) so here are the amps I'm thinking about going with: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_17368_Rockford-Fosgate-PRIME-R500-1.html Looks about perfect, no? The other one I was considering is this one: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_33401_JVC-KS-AX3101D.html Thoughts? LOL thanks for your input guys. I'm a noob and a half. Any thoughts?
  6. Okay. So I think I should have done more research before pulling the trigger. I think I have 2 options: A. Go 2ohms, with this http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_44490_Hifonics-ZRX1000.1D.html and sell the other amp B. Get my order switched to a d2 instead of a d4 Which should I do?
  7. Um. Am I in trouble that I went with the d4 one, then?
  8. Hello! This is my first post here. Crossing my fingers that I'm not breaking any forum rules. I have a 12 inch GCON ordered and the wait is killing me already. I've already purchased an amp and box for this sub and I'd like to have any willing opinions on my choices. The amp: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_43132_Hifonics-GLX1800.1D.html The enclosure: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_19279_Belva-Sub-Box-1SV12B-Belva.html A few questions: How did I do? Will this pound like crazy? How much impact will my smaller than suggest enclosure have on the sound? Ported good?How should I wire this beast-sub to this amp? (I'm thinking just running it at 650w @ 4ohms to avoid problems with the following...)Will I need to upgrade my factory wiring in my ride? My battery? My alternator?If I did wire it for 1200w @ 2ohms would this be bad for the sub? (considering I don't roll around pounding at super high volume levels, plus the gain would probably be turned down in this scenario) It's going to be a long wait for this puppy. I'm fairly certain (hopeful) this will be the best system I've ever owned. A couple a months ago my humble 300w amp and single 12" infinity sub was stolen. My wife gave me a 500 budget to replace it with our tax money.. yea.. $490 spent so far, honey! Thanks for your feedback and thoughts my fellow bass-lovers. Edit: Oh I forgot one more question! My car currently has a 4 gauge power wired to the trunk. I think if I wire it for 4 ohms I'll be safe right? What would happen if I wired it for 2 ohms?