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  1. would that cause both speakers to cut in / out together?
  2. The amp's warning lights never turn on, even when the speakers cut out. M5, sometimes the speakers cut out for 10 seconds, sometimes for 10-15 minutes. You know, I recently moved and the street I'm on has 2 of those huge speed bumps that throw my truck all over the place... a loose connection could be probable. * I just shook all the wires around at the amps/cross overs and it did not make a difference in the cutting in/out of the speakers. I assume it's not at the speakers since both speakers work or both don't work. I guess next step is to check behind the head unit?
  3. So for about the past week or two, my speakers keep cutting out. I've tried to find a pattern in their behavior but it APPEARS random. Sometimes they will play for a few songs and then cut in and out in 10 second increments, sometimes they will cut out for 5-10 minutes straight. I thought they might just be over heating (it has been really hot here in Md and the amps are mounted behind the seat) but the amp's thermal warning has not been going off. What's also strange is the sub continues to hit flawlessly. I've walked around with a volt meter and do not see any issues from battery to amp. Possibly related, my check engine light comes on and off and one of my ebay HID fog lights just went out. Also, the volume level does not appear to affect the behavior of the speakers but I haven't been able to fully confirm that. Any ideas on what to check or tests to perform? I have an 06 Silverado ext cab with JBL 1200.1 powering an SS RL-p12 and a JL 300/4 powering 2 Pioneer 720's. My head unit is an Avic D3.
  4. O and also, do you think I will need two of those 2k watt inverter generators or just one?
  5. ah right, simple. What sub would you recommend? What cu ft requirements for the enclosure?
  6. Yep that's the one. Do you think that's enough space under the couch bottom? Man, a girl would definitely enjoy sitting on that couch.... What are your thoughts for hooking up the electrical?
  7. sounds logical. Think I could get away with a box on the top deck? I'm not sure how the electrical would work out. I'd have the 2k w inverter generator up there, sub, amp, and 2 speakers (two generators if necessary). Would hooking up the system to a battery up there, then the battery to the generator work? That might keep the power more stable too perhaps as I'd assume the battery would act as a capacitor? (Might not be the right terminology).
  8. No, can't find them together if you want to move them. For your goals you are going to need a very large sub enclosure. Sonotube is the cheapest, easiest way to do this.Can't recommend anything really without knowing enclosure size limits. That is always the first step. hmmmm...ok. Let me snap some pictures of the back of my boat where the batteries are and see what you think. I could have a smaller box under a back seat to be close to the batteries, or put a large box mounted on the top deck.
  9. Yea I see there's really no easy plug and play setup for what I want. I've never seen a sonotube before, those things look crazy. What's the advantage? One reason I was wanting to keep the speakers on the top deck is to reduce the likelihood of them getting splashed, hit with a football, etc. However, I think mounting some poles up there instead of using stands is a great idea. Do you think I could just up my budget and find some loud speakers that have good subwoofers built in already to make this setup easier? I would really love If I do decide to do a permanent/semi permanent setup for the sub, what would you recommend doing?
  10. Oh yea, If I can find a spot for it on the bow somewhere, I also wanted to get a TV for playing youtube videos from a phone/tablet but I'm not seeing that fruition into reality.
  11. Thank you so much for putting so much thought and time into helping me out. I agree with your stance on the semi permanent setup being ideal, however, I bought this boat 7 years used to see how much I'd enjoy having a gigantic pontoon boat on this river. I won't have this particular boat for more than 2 seasons or so as I'll either sell it and get a different type of boat, or sell it and get a similar but new boat that will be worth investing in permanent and/or semi permanent customization. Another advantage to keeping everything 100% portable is that when I'm at anchor and not beached, I'll be able to aim the speakers as the wind shifts my boat around (having the entire setup on the top deck which is completely open). As for the audio setup specifically, my house has been turned into a bit of a party house (recent break up with serious girl friend, heh), so this setup will double for in house entertainment as well. That said, I want to tailor the setup to the outdoor / boat use and do not care at all if it's not ideal for indoor use as that's just an ancillary benefit. I had to look up what you were referring to regarding the miniDSP: http://www.minidsp.com/applications Looks like just a control box with perhaps a cross over in it? What sort of monitors are you referring to? You're an acoustics engineer and I assume a perfectionist when it comes to this. Keep in mind, simplicity will go a long way for making me happy The most ideal setup I could imagine would be having all of the pieces of the system thrown on the top deck and my tablet/phone below in the cabin WIRELESSLY selecting music. As for volume control from a MiniDSP, I can definitely see where you're getting with that. I don't think it would be a huge deal if volume had to be controlled up top with the rest of the setup. So, can my insistence on having this wireless song selection be made to happen? If I continue with the idea of having all pieces portable, what would you now recommend? The more I can consolidate pieces, the better (willing to sacrifice some sound quality). Perhaps 2 loudspeakers for mids/highs, 18" sub with ported enclosure, miniDSP w/ volume control, some sort of Bluetooth module to wirelessly control song selection (I still don't know if these exist), and I'm thinking now I might need a second generator like this setup: http://www.wisesales.com/eu2000i-companion-package-honda-generator.html#.UV70Q5PPy6M Thoughts on the above? Thanks again, appreciated a million times over.
  12. Hmmm, ok. Simplicity will be a factor to as it won't be enjoyable to lug a 6 piece set around (2 generators, sub, amp, 2 speakers). *Note* When I say bass heavy, I don't need to make ears bleed a mile away but out in the open outside, bass has nothing to bounce off of and just doesn't travel well so I'm wanting something more bass oriented than an indoor setup to counter the lack of an acoustic environment. Would I be better off (in terms of overall loudness and heavy bass) with a single speaker, sub, amp, single 2k watt generator on a $1,000-$1,500 budget (excluding genny) or 2 speakers that are bass heavy for loudspeakers and a 2k watt generator? I'm feeling like the real key here will be to just get something started and I can always add onto it later if I'm not satisfied, but I'd definitely like to have as few pieces as possible (takes up space, more pieces to protect, more pieces to haul around). I realize I'm being quite subjective so just let me know if I need to explain my preferences/priorities better. In order of preference: Loud + Bass Heavy + Decent Overall Quality > Simplicity (few pieces, less weight, portability) > Budget (though something over $5k would be unreasonable for me). Also, remember I want to play music straight from a cell phone so there will be no mixing board or anyone to man the station.
  13. I'll have a simple, cheap system for hanging out in the boat. This setup I'm asking about is for 100+ people parties outside. Thanks! Definitely needs a little work but I got a good deal. It should offer a good time for a lot of people! The $1k budget is for whatever setup I get so if I were to get 2 EON's, my budget would be pretty much eaten up. That said, I'm not set on the EON's as I've never even heard them. Unfortunately, I need to rely on advice and don't have time to hear different setups. The $1k budget would not include the generator obviously. The budget could be stretched a bit too. Money is not too much of a concern but I have a habit of letting spending get out of hand while trying to make things bigger and better, heh. When I'm running these speakers, assume the speakers will be placed on stands on the top deck (where my friend is standing in the picture). There could be a few people on the bow, but figure more often than not we do raft ups and island parties so partying will be around the boat 25-100 ft away ish. Obviously, nothing will be fixed to the boat. I'm not planning on having a mixer or anything like that. I'd like to be able to just throw on Spotify from my phone and then control it wirelessly via Bluetooth, if possible.
  14. Hey guys, just bought a double decker pontoon boat and want to throw some Loudspeakers up top for some island parties and raft ups I hit during the summer. I'm shooting for extremely loud and bass heavy (seems to be what most people like) and have a budget of $1k for the setup. I was planning on getting two JBL Eon 15's based off my DJ friend's recommendation but I figured I'd ask here as well. I plan to power the setup with a Honda EU2000i genny (not yet purchased) or perhaps the Ryobi 2000. Also, I'm hoping there exists some way of connecting a blue tooth module directly to the speakers, than controlling wirelessly via phone. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!
  15. My bro is looking for a head unit for the 2007 F150 he just bought. He's wanting a double din with these options: Blue Tooth capable Satellite Ready Nav System – Easily updatable (prefer no DVDs, but flexible on this) Traffic Receiver Back Up Camera capable He's looking at this: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-ZeS1vjeeznh/I-rEMTcVSL/s_105NT3HDT/JVC-KW-NT3HDT.html?ssi=0&tp=27996 but I recall from my head unit shopping a couple years ago that gurus recommended to stay away from JVC. He's having trouble finding another brand with all of the options he wants. Any recs?