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  1. jemorgan85

    Imaging, phase, and soundstage

    I haven't read the other posts, but.. If you are having phasing issues in your vehicle, remember these things... 1.) Most of the time, the higher end of the audio spectrum can be heard best when notes generally above 2000 hz are positioned (tweeters) lower in the front door panels. From studies I have read about, you want to keep the tweeter pretty low, without having your legs and other obtrustions in the way of the sound waves. It can be difficult to place your components for the simple fact that a car is so irregularly shaped, and waves have lots of different surfaces to bounce off of. If you can fire the tweeter and midrange directly at your head, while keeping them fairly close to the ground, you will have a better chance of proper imaging. Keep in mind though, that the passenger side door panels will have an awkward angle doing this, as they are farther away from your head than the driver's side. 2.) Also note that speakers in the back of the car will grossly take away from proper phasing. With them still in the back, you will be dealing with major cancellation on select frequencies because the waves from the back and the waves from the front will hit your ear at different points on the sine wave. Thus, cancellation. You can however incorporate lower end notes by placing midbass in the back panel, providing they are filtered to the 100-200 hz range, where the phase problems tend to not be so bad. 3.) Besides the normal problems that people expericence with subwoofer drivers, this will probably be the least of your worries with phasing. Sure, drivers sound the best in one particular spot in the car, but the low end notes don't have as bad of a phasing issue as the higher ones. Hope this helps. Most of this info comes from Geolemon, if anyone remembers him.
  2. jemorgan85

    Been awhile.....

    Hey everyone....I have been out of the scene for quite awhile now, and haven't been able to even look at car audio for around 3 months. Somehow, I snapped a cam boot in my engine, so I won't have a car for next season. Also, I'm moving out of the house and won't be able to get on the internet until some financial problems are solved. So, anyone may be able to get ahold of me through email... (jemorgan85@yahoo.com) if I ever have the chance to check it. Hopefully, I can get a new DSL modem for my birthday next Saturday, but even then I won't be able to be on for quite some time, so I hope every one has a good season in 05' and does well in the lanes. Jon Morgan
  3. jemorgan85

    good beer...

    That's one of the best commercials I've seen in awhile. lol
  4. So did you not want my Planet 1250D?
  5. jemorgan85

    2004 Competitiors

    I did real chitty... 12" HC 3.82 cubes @ 32 hz, 42 square inches of port 138.6 outlaw BTW: How did you fit 9 cubes in a cavalier?
  6. jemorgan85

    G-Star Productions

    OMG....He likes boys is hilarious.
  7. jemorgan85

    New Install pics???

    That it is..... I about killed my back turning that female dog around to face frontwards....
  8. jemorgan85

    - Welcome to SoundSplinter's Online Forum -

    I have to agree.... I've wasted two years of my life visiting caraudio.com.... Now it's a place of newbies and unintellectual chatter. I'll have to frequent this forum more often.
  9. jemorgan85

    New Install pics???

    Video.....watch out it's 9 megs http://portfolio.iu.edu/joemorga/HC_Excursion.mpg Older SQ box.....
  10. jemorgan85

    15" RE SX

    A friend and I ran a 15" SX in 5 cubes ported @ 36 hz and did a 143 on the new TL. I would actually recommend a bit smaller than that for SPL.....it was really in a box that it didn't like to SPL, but it did have awesome SQ.
  11. jemorgan85

    the soundsplinter family photo(s)

    Awesome....I'm really interested in a pair of RLP 12's
  12. jemorgan85

    the soundsplinter family photo(s)

    Think you might be running a sale anytime soon......
  13. jemorgan85

    Sub Comparison pics

    Not very many people anymore with boob cone HC's.
  14. jemorgan85

    Sub Comparison pics

    HC and RE 8's