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  1. mikegrubz_32

    Mazda Tribute x-con build

  2. mikegrubz_32

    6"x9" speakers

    Just stop before you are made more of a fool than you already are.
  3. mikegrubz_32

    the "(2) XCON 18s" build....2009

    Wheres the woofer p0rn?
  4. mikegrubz_32

    the "(2) XCON 18s" build....2009

    I wasn't ragging on it at all, like I said I was just curious. I like it as well. Should fvckin wangggg
  5. mikegrubz_32

    the "(2) XCON 18s" build....2009

    Curious as to why you did not carpet around the port? Not that it takes anything away from the box, and it matches the interior color pretty well... Just wanted to break up the "TANK" of red, or maroon?
  6. mikegrubz_32

    the "(2) XCON 18s" build....2009

    What is this all going in? Once I graduate college in another year, I've been dreaming of another setup and 2 Xcon 15's and a 3000 are the focal point. Will be watching this closely.
  7. mikegrubz_32

    4 15's or 2 18's

    I believe you will need a LOC (line output converter as mentioned). I think something like this should do the trick but I'm not for certain. http://www.logjamelectronics.com/pacaoemgm24.html
  8. mikegrubz_32

    Blow-through in my bagged 95 fullsize chevy

    They are suppost to be kinda flat as the truck is flat black/satin black w/e you want to call it. I think the painter just hit them a few times with the paint used to paint the truck IIRC...Still show up well enough at night. Alot of people use VHT Nightshades or a professional painter can mix up a ratio of clear/color that will be transparent enough. I rattle canned mine with some basic paint and they turned out alright.
  9. mikegrubz_32

    Blow-through in my bagged 95 fullsize chevy

    He's got it in his Tahoe now...the truck is stored for winter. But yeah he should lol.
  10. mikegrubz_32

    Blow-through in my bagged 95 fullsize chevy

    His black truck is not shaved. The blue one was. His blow through isn't cut up to much in my opinion. He only has that strip that is about 4" tall and 36" or so inches wide. If you go back a few pages you can see that. You are right in the fact that the bed and cab do move differently. But not a huge amount. Again with this design there isn't a huge hole in the back, with a large structure coming through this would be an issue, or if it was very open, only his "port" comes through on this truck. It is sealed up between the cab and bed with an RV style accordian boot. He could have reinforced it to probably gain some db's but, but for a street truck, and not competing much it wasn't completely necessary. I'm his buddy and helped him with all the builds so this is why I know. Any more questions feel free to ask. He doesn't lurk here as much as I do, but I can let him know to check.
  11. mikegrubz_32

    From: Hey guys (got a video too)

    Can't go wrong with some Late Night Tip...welcome to the site.
  12. mikegrubz_32

    Ordering new BTL???

    Just chill...it will get there when it gets there.
  13. mikegrubz_32


    Looks like a Lumina? Should be plently loud, those are 15's? Did you use Hurculiner? I'm assuming you did it right in the car as well?
  14. This is the most epic Escadade ever!
  15. mikegrubz_32

    new fi btl speakers set up

    Exactly. You will not be real happy when you fry your equipment. Take the advice and do things the right way, if not it is a lot of wasted money.