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  1. Ceez9090

    Ssa evil 18s

    Hey thanks. Trying to start a Tahoe build but a lot of car audio equipment is out of stock right now. Head units, speakers, subs.
  2. Ceez9090

    Ssa evil 18s

    Hi I was wondering if the 18” evils will be available anytime soon?
  3. Ceez9090

    Thoughts on enclosures.

    Also I don't know how to upload pics. I tried a link to photobucket but i don't think it's working.
  4. Ceez9090

    Thoughts on enclosures.

    Hello I was hoping someone could give some insight on two box designs I'm trying to build for a friend. The box will be for 2 10 inch skar ddx. We want to go for 1.75 cubic feet per sub so 3.5 net total. His dimensions are 39" wide 15" deep and 17" tall. Wanting a higher tune 39hz. https://s1126.photobucket.com/user/Ceeze90/library?page=1
  5. Ceez9090

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    I should have right around 3.6 cubic feet per sub after all displacement. I built the box in two halves because I couldn't fit a single box that size into the small trunk opening. Its ported tuned between 33 and 32 hz.
  6. Ceez9090

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    Haha thanks man. Some day I would like to get it metered see what kind of numbers it does.
  7. Ceez9090

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    Really happy with how it sounds.
  8. Ceez9090

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    So I ended up going a different route, and went with 2 15's haha. Built the box in two parts so it could fit in the trunk more easily.
  9. Ceez9090

    Question on gluing surround.

    Yeah it's separating right on that black line where the cone I would assume and the dust cap meet.
  10. Ceez9090

    Question on gluing surround.

    Ok cool thanks.
  11. I've got a question regarding my XCON, it looks like the glue is separating from the cone and the surround on the underside of the sub. I was wondering how to go about repairing this issue. Thanks in advance.
  12. Ceez9090

    4 8s compared to a single 15.

    Ok thank you.