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  1. Price?
  2. 8 icon 12s
  3. Damn. Awesome work on the inatall dude, i really like the amp racks
  4. What was your last install A-Aron? Everything from alt to source, processing, wire, speakers and h/u? Cd? Mp3? ROTARY SUBWOOFER? if possible....
  5. Probably a x tho
  6. I want to say ssd or q?
  7. 15s in a much bigger box will get you more output. What vehicle is this in? One dcon or icon 18 in a big box might do the trick too. What are the exact specs of your box? LxWxH and port size. What amp?
  8. I vote blue ones
  9. What size alt and amp do you have?
  10. $3000 for the amp for a single 12" set up, really?
  11. You might want some Zed amps.. Or check out mosconi or tru technology
  12. I dont have experience with them but i can tell you they were added very recently
  13. Did you model this set up in a program to see how it will plot out?
  14. From what i can see and read, this is an above average amp, it would be a good single amp set up for a minimal/none electrica electrical upgrade audio system.