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  1. Fi 4 life

    Zv5 24 inch

  2. Fi 4 life

    New system advice.

    8 icon 12s
  3. Damn. Awesome work on the inatall dude, i really like the amp racks
  4. What was your last install A-Aron? Everything from alt to source, processing, wire, speakers and h/u? Cd? Mp3? ROTARY SUBWOOFER? if possible....
  5. Fi 4 life

    Fi Woofer

    Probably a x tho
  6. Fi 4 life

    Fi Woofer

    I want to say ssd or q?
  7. Fi 4 life

    Looking for more output

    15s in a much bigger box will get you more output. What vehicle is this in? One dcon or icon 18 in a big box might do the trick too. What are the exact specs of your box? LxWxH and port size. What amp?
  8. Fi 4 life

    level 4 dc

    I vote blue ones
  9. Fi 4 life

    level 4 dc

    What size alt and amp do you have?
  10. Fi 4 life

    how much power should i run to the ssa x con

    $3000 for the amp for a single 12" set up, really?
  11. Fi 4 life

    zv3 or x series

    You might want some Zed amps.. Or check out mosconi or tru technology
  12. Fi 4 life

    Beast Mode Subs

    I dont have experience with them but i can tell you they were added very recently
  13. Fi 4 life

    Box Help for 2 SSA Evil 15s w/ 4 Stiff Spiders

    Did you model this set up in a program to see how it will plot out?
  14. Fi 4 life

    Sony XM7557

    From what i can see and read, this is an above average amp, it would be a good single amp set up for a minimal/none electrica electrical upgrade audio system.
  15. Fi 4 life

    Box help for Fi Q 18

    Thats if it has the high qts
  16. Fi 4 life

    xoutofmyheadx's slow avy build

    You didnt use your eyes and ears, i think those are the 2 most important tools when setting up your sub system
  17. They wired crossovers after a dsp?
  18. Fi 4 life

    Who we are and what we offer.

    Why are you...?
  19. Fi 4 life

    Who we are and what we offer.

    X2 a single 12" capeble of 150+db should be "enough" for 25% of the random viewers but what do i know..
  20. Fi 4 life

    How did you guys find SSA???

    I read on ebay (6-8 years ago that a guy had "multiple" tap outs on a single ufo btl. im still convinced that the diameter of the magnet had much more to do with the power (bl) of the sub then the amount of magnets stacked on each other.
  21. Fi 4 life

    my Sundown build!

    Yeah, thats alot of power considering people were hitting 150db 2 decades ago on less then 10% that power. Id start with a new box imo
  22. Fi 4 life

    Buick Century - active 3way + sub w/ nexus 7

    Which one? Sub bass midbass or midrage trebble? (If thats how you have them set up...)
  23. Fi 4 life

    Why can't i post in any of the vape topics?

    Im on mobile as well. The 3 vape threads dont have a box to post anything. This one seems to work tho.
  24. Fi 4 life

    Series tuned 6th order bandpass experiment

    Veey nice test