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  1. I say number til cliping is cause im at 71.0 volts right now my clamp meter says 36.5amps so unless everything ive read and seen is wrong then volts x amps doesnt equal watts? The oscope shows clippining at somewhere around 72.0 cant remember exactly, so i backed it,down a little bit to where i thought id be safe. Since every sub has an rms rating thats what im goin by how much it can handle. Thats how 99% of everybody,sets up any system. They,dont stamp on t, "take a guess and see if youre right". So if im figuring it out wrong then how do you figure it out? Obviously something is wrong and i thought i,did everything right, which is why im asking, what did i do or did i not do cause i have no idea what went wrong.

    You didnt use your eyes and ears, i think those are the 2 most important tools when setting up your sub system