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  1. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    mounting depth

    some one has to know
  2. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    mounting depth

    ya i know I would liek to know I am thinking about 4 10's instead of 4 8's. The box I made is bigger then nededed i just need to cut the holes out if the moutning depth is the same or around same
  3. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    mounting depth

    What is the mounting depth of a aa assassin 10
  4. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    y does my amp shut off...

    they r dvc its at 2 ohms but ok here is the thing when I put my floor heater on it doesn't do it so it might be the moisture from peoples shoes in my truck and its kinda like freezing the amp its on the floor on my truck under the seat. it has stopped sense i put the heat like that so idk...damn Michigan
  5. ok..I have 4 AA 8's and a hifonics amp 2000 watt brtus. My amp will be on and then out of no where it will shut off. then come back a little bit later it started this when it got cold out. Does anyone know why or how I can fix this.
  6. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    8" sub, need some help

    aa has a great 8in assassin i love them I have 4 they r insain
  7. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    solo x or btl

    hey now we all know audiobahn is the best people lol
  8. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    umm ya thats y my box it ported to around 28 hz
  9. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    ok so this guy at my work said he liked them but its all for low end i was like ya...have u heared what i listen to man this pretty much all i listen is low bass stuff. and this is the same guy who bought 2 walmart pioneers and said they r loud
  10. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    cuz when i am typing i just type what i am saying in my head
  11. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    and yes only 4 screws lol ok i have a qustion on my hifonics brtus amp the 200 watt there r 2 channels i thought it was a mono block..i am dumb or not undertanding how to use it cuz i thought it was a mono block?
  12. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    got them in sound good but got to rewire them to 1 ohm it at 4 right now and got to get a better ground but for right now its ok to break in i love them thanks fi and aa
  13. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    ya my fault but anyway i am putting them in today these r going to be sick in my truck lol
  14. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    aa 8's 4 of them in a ported box to 28 hertz had them befor they were sick but the broke sent them in to get fixed cant wait to see what they got
  15. RL-i8_Mr._Jones

    got my subs

    I got them today alomost got them in finishing the install tomarerow they look great cant wait to hear them in my truck goign ot be sick. O and when did the subs come with pics that that was bad ass