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  1. I found a amp I've never heard of.. Its a J.A.B special edition and the guy says its a ZED built amp. The quality looks very nice but can someone sheed some light on this for me? I have pics but don't know how to post them.
  2. What can I say?? Im 100% completely impressed and blown away by Soundqubed products.. This HDC3.115 is actually too much of a sub for me. Im pushing it with a 2600w rms Hifonics Brutis BXi2610D amp and its all I can do to stay in the damn thing. I bought my sub, box, and amp used. I have $220 in my sub and box and $125 in my amp. The quality of the workmanship and build of the HDC3.115 Subwoofer is very impressive. I definitely recommend it to everyone who is interested in a good cheaper spl sub.. For $299 new shipped free it gets my vote. Although I think im ready to step down to a single HDS310...im getting to old for this ish.. Lol
  3. Hodges

    hifonics amps

    I always check Craigslist and my local Facebook forsale boards before I buy new. I have a 2600w rms @1ohm x 1 Hifonics Brutis BXi2610D amp that retails for about $300 that I picked up off of Craigslist for $125..using it to push my Soundqubed HDC3.115 and it does a damn good job of it too. The sub and amp combo is killer... Now I just need a quality built box..
  4. Anyone own a set of both? The Bassbudz are $50 and the Soundqubed are $25.. I think I will have to get a set of both and do a comparison.. Any one have any thoughts on the subject?
  5. I cant get the responding pages to open..Can some one email me at hodgesdodges@gmail.com and let me know how I place my order. Also what is the total weight of 1 SPL-15, and what is there xmax rating? Thanks..
  6. Hodges

    Impressed...Where can I get prices?

    Thanks. I got prices. Rusty is quick. I like that.
  7. Well I have been scouring the web for a few weeks looking for some new products for my next build. I'm very impressed with what im seeing from DC sound lab, my question is where can I get prices on subs, mostly looking at the level 5s..release date yet? Prices? Thanks guys.