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  1. Whats your MOS bro, i might be going to Ft Huachuca, AZ for my job training after combat school. My MOS is UAV Operations

  2. take off your pants and jacket

  3. take off your pants and jacket

  4. take off your pants and jacket

  5. cjosisek90

    i wonder

    Buy one 12" Buy a Honda CRX Buy a nice amp Buy some batteries. Watch a 12" hit 160s You Win.
  6. cjosisek90

    What is the best system for my car

    went a little soft on the kid, was hoping to do a /popcorn.
  7. Cars fixed....grabbed the left control arm and the whole rear bracket for 50 bucks off a 94 Accord at a junkyard....about 3 hours later i have my car up and running. My alignment is off at about .25 of an inch lol...Going to get my oil changed, new 4 wheel alignment, and get a rattle fixed tomorrow morning. Im so happy this didnt end up spending 400 dollars for some asshole to fix my car and in someway break it so i have to get it fixed again by him.
  8. My brother said he can do it....all he needs is a new rear control arm, brake line, and a new wheel and he can do it for me =) Just going to be a bitch to save up for this chit...LOL hes like just pay me back by buying me taco bell for lunch for 3 days. Then i have to find a alignment shop and get them aligned.
  9. ill take pictures tomorrow with the wheel off and in the light... its too dark at the moment. Fuck I'm mad.... Ok, Thanks, Curt
  10. it seems to me that the tire is more bent than the axel? (not good with cars general structure and parts.) It does though look like the axel is slightly bent.
  11. Had it for 2 years now and i think i need a change, but i love this car... idunno ill check back if its the wheel alone or not...
  12. How much would it cost to get this repaired? I slid into a curb about 30 minutes ago from the black ice on the roads doing about 25-30 mph. I managed to drive it home and don't manage on driving it anywheres unless its to a local car shop. How much do you think this costs and would you recommend me getting a new car? I currently have a 95 Honda Accord - 2.2L Vtech, 235k miles on it >.< Ran excellent, just not in bad weather. Any tips, info, help, would really help. Thanks, Curt
  13. cjosisek90

    One loud Trunk

    My honest opinion is if your having voltage drop issues on 800rms and your alts fine have batt checked and or return it. I have run the Atomic 5k on stock alt 125amp with minimal issues. I did have and still do have 2 batts. 1 yellow top and 1 kinetik 2400. I'm actually looking into powermaster batts right now to upgrade for next yr. If your looking for an alt go to HOAlt.com and check them out. It's american power systems. They built my alt 220amp shipped for 325, and no other company wanted to build one for the gp or were retarded qoutes in excess of 600+ You should try running the SAZ3K on an 80 amp alt.... LOL NOT GOOD. I have my gains set at half right now till i get some more money for the alt.
  14. cjosisek90

    95 Honda Accord Build Log

    Thanks, I am on hold right now for buying anything else...I have to start buying christmas shit for the family and gf. So my alt will have to come in later...
  15. cjosisek90

    95 Honda Accord Build Log

    I should take a picture for John