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  1. I don’t know who JAcob is, but I am leaning toward the Sundowns. Not sure how much I can get out of the Taramps. I actually determined the model I have is the md3000.1.
  2. No kidding? I have an iPhone 12 Pro. I will look into that. A coworker has a 3D printer as well. I would love to know how to work with fiberglass. That would be the best option. However, the video I watched on YouTube took the guy forever to finish an enclosure. Also not sure about the quality/efficiency to run that q in one.
  3. Well, I understand Home Depot will actually cut the wood for me, so I can dot it myself. How it would turn out with the correct aero port and tuning is more of a concern of mine. I would really like to figure out a way to utilize the upper space between the back seat and rollbar and go out approximately fifteen inches or so from the edge of the wheel well. Also keeping it short enough to fit under a Tono or cargo cover (15” or so). This will deter the transients around my place of work from trying to yank it out. if I had a 3D scanner, it would help a ton. the JL audio stealth box made for them is similar to what I have in mind. However, they only use the upper space, which ends up being a very small enclosure. It also sticks up too high for a cargo cover.
  4. I believe the Q has a range of 1000-1200 watts rms. I’ve heard many say they will take the higher end all day without issues. Anything in that range that won’t give up any time soon would be great. Others have suggested the Orion xtr 2500, sundown sia 3500 and sfb 3000. I would like to spend less than a couple hundred bucks after trading or selling the Taramps and mount it under one of the seats, which is pretty small. (Taramp fits)
  5. Looking for more ideas for an enclosure that will work with an FI Q 12 I’m the rear cargo area. I am being told to go 1.75 to 2.25 cubic feet since I want it ported. The current enclosure is too tall and i would like a little more room back there. Pretty sure it’s close to 2.5.
  6. I’m considering changing the amp for my FI q 12. may sound picky, however, the fan is kind of annoying. Even when I had it mounted all the way in the back of the old Jeep, it was noticeable. I am planning on mounting the amp for the q under the driver or passenger seat in this build and would like some input. I’m sure it will cost a little more. Not sure how much I can get out of the Taramps, or if a trade of some sort is possible somewhere. Seems to have plenty of power though.
  7. I have a 12" FI "Q" running off of a JBL BP 1200.1 amp. The amp is suppose to run 1200 watts rms and I am running it correctly wire wise. Do you guys think it would perform better with a different amp setup? A friend of mine suggests a kicker amp. what do you guys think?
  8. I had an enclosure built and waiting for it to arrive. I am impatient and wondering what you guys think about the demensions. I got a basic 12" Q D1. Sealed enclosure: Width= 14.75" Height= 12" Depth= 15" Which is said to be 1.27 cubic feet "net volume" I am planning on facing the sub upward toward the roof in the back seat of my truck
  9. jeeper2269

    Does anyone use a grill or cover over their subs?

    I figure, since I spent the time and money on the system, I dont want to damage it, or someone else for that matter.
  10. I am kinda worried about something damaging my Q. It is going to be firing upward, toward the roof of my tacoma in the extra cab. But i don't want it to be in the way of the sub (excursion)
  11. jeeper2269

    How to wire 12" dual 1 to JBL-BP1200.1 amp?

    Thats what I thought. Thank you.
  12. I was told I can wire this in series to achieve 2ohms. But when I looked up a diagram for the wiring, it didn't make any sense. can someonen post a link of a good diagram? The amp is rated at 1200 watts @2ohms. rms. I figured this would be a perfect match for the Q. Thanks for the help.
  13. jeeper2269

    Small sealed encl. for 12" Q??

    I would go 1.1-1.2 gross, per, for the 12Q. Works great for me. 2ea 12Q's firing forward into the rear seat in a mid sized four door car. K it would sound better faced toward the trunk Louder, yes. Better(SQ Comp), no. And turning them around would also make aligning them with the front midbass a real PITA. Then you have all the trunk rattles. If I stop competing then i probably would turn them around. K is a $100 too much for a custom built box?
  14. jeeper2269

    # for Fi Audio ?????

    I have emailed them twice. No response. I will send a third and try contacting on here. Now I feel like an idiot. I read the information regarding the process of building and shipping. Disregard this request. I can't wait to get the sub.
  15. jeeper2269

    # for Fi Audio ?????

    I have emailed them twice. No response. I will send a third and try contacting on here.