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    Revised Sundown Site Live !

    Mark gets an A+ for the new mods
  2. haha my ol lady is driving it now so it is being well taken care of lol
  3. lol that was hrtbk01 or something on that order he has a hot sister thats the only reason i am letting him stay with me while he rakes in the cash working for sundown awesome guy though hes from american samoa he should learn alot and have fun doing it maybe jacob can start an internship program as a right off LOL
  4. canuhearmenow

    Sundown Neo-Pro 8 and 10 (Midrange)

    if i am not mistaken they were based off of the B&C neo with more midbass in mind as for you 80 i think that he already sent them back from what i heard but i could be wrong i know from what i have heard and played with them i am sure that no one will be sorry they got them
  5. canuhearmenow

    Nightshade 18" Recone

    should get shipped today
  6. canuhearmenow

    Pro Style Mids Prototype

    i will have them in my truck on a 200.4 when i get the door panels built i will have 2 10" 2 8" and im not sure on the tweeters yet but ill post up some vids when i get them all in so far from what i have heard on the bench it will be insanely loud and our reviews form people that have heard them have been good so we will see how it goes
  7. canuhearmenow

    question for sundownz

    what about the pro sound drivers that he has protos of ? any one care about that ? that's a step closer to components and let me tell you they are loud as hell 1 B&C neo 10 vs sundown neo 10 i will take the sundown on performance and looks everyday i don't know if he has posted pics yet but i know i want some of the 10s LAST I HEARD NO ETA SO DONT BOTHER HIM ABOUT IT! i know he will come out with them when they fit in the company plan so i guess ill just have to be patient NO ETA YET
  8. canuhearmenow


    this should be a great turn out thanks to everyone for the support
  9. canuhearmenow

    sundown dealer in oklahoma?

    do you know the guys name?
  10. canuhearmenow

    hey jacob

    he may have a used one laying
  11. canuhearmenow

    installed my SAZ-1500. Wow!

    how many 10s can you fit you know the SA-10s are going to be out soon
  12. canuhearmenow

    Latest run 1500D BR IN / OUT

    im pretty sure that the 12 you have are not pull the cover on one thats an easy way to check
  13. canuhearmenow

    Joe's Jeep - 4 12" Custom Atomic ELE on 2 Sundown 4500.1

    whats the jeep do on the term lab?
  14. canuhearmenow

    Sundown SA-12s in Siberia

    Great video!!
  15. canuhearmenow

    wiring question

    do not mix subs the specs on a D2 and a D4 are diff slightly i think i have a used D4 here i can sell you if you need one
  16. canuhearmenow

    Running .67

    with good electrical i have seen them run under .5 and they will take it but as stated it does void warranty but the SAZ amps will take it they are beasts im sure you wont have any problems at .67 with rise and such you will be over 1 ohm anyway
  17. canuhearmenow

    Brandon's New Box - 6th order wall with 3x 18s

    haha i wish i could build it all day i have to build subs and test amps so i tinker with that beast in my spare time as for weight if i had to guess (i had to roll it to glass) id say just the box is about 1600 LBS there is about 17 sheets of 1" birch in it along with glass and 25Lbs of sand still not on the overloads and the bags are empty lol it sits level
  18. canuhearmenow

    Brandon's New Box - 6th order wall with 3x 18s

    car audio is serious business
  19. canuhearmenow

    When Calling us at Sundown...

  20. canuhearmenow

    When Calling us at Sundown...

  21. canuhearmenow

    Road to 160db's!!!

    see anyone can build subs now let us know how you do P.S. nice step by step
  22. canuhearmenow

    spl general question

    the best learning you can do is hands on try stupid stuff i learned a lot that way trial and error haha that's how i had a dual 15 box that was tuned to 22hz do a good # i put one 18 in it and left the 15" hole open and did a 148.xx with 0 imp. rise. car audio can do some weird non theoretical stuff. i also learned that you can extend the port by having a solid surface on 2 of the 4 sides or by spacing it a x distance from 2 hard surfaces (a hatch or similar ) and most of what you know about boxes don't apply to extreme and walls and extreme vehicles don't act the same as daily walls either. forums are a good help books can help but don't be afraid to try things on your own
  23. canuhearmenow

    I love Sundown Audio!

    that is just what this run has in them that is going to change on the next run
  24. canuhearmenow

    Sundown Amp Endcaps?

    there is a local guy that uses old heatsinks to make connectors and end caps he will buy a blown amp and take the board out of it but i have been working on jacob for a while now to get extra cases when he gets amps and no such luck yet as they are kinda pricey but keep on him who knows maybe he will make something someday
  25. canuhearmenow

    sundown vs sundown

    well the 1200 will do well over rated power it is only 1 ohm (do not run under 1 ohm) stable it is made in china but to sundowns specs, the 1500 will do about 2600 under the right conditions it is more of a power house and can be run under 1 ohm (not recommended ) and it is made in Korea both are great amps it all just depends on what you are using it for and what your budget is.