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  1. Smashed, thanks for the reply. It is possible that you misunderstood my question. I know why the fuse blew, not trying to troubleshoot. Just trying to decide on having the amp repaired or junking it and getting a new amp.
  2. I recently purchased a old school zed made Autotek 220mxi. The guy sold it cheap as he had no clue on car audio worth. The amp powered up and worked well for about 3 hours of moderate use. It was powering 2 RE Audio SE-X 12D4s. I had it wired at 2 ohm stereo mode (2 ohm load each channel) which I thought the amp could handle. I ran a good 4 gauge power wire and ground (knukonceptz) with a 60AMP inline fuse and the gain was at maybe 40% max. Bass on stereo set at 0, loudness on low setting. After about 3 total hours of use spread out over 2 days it quit. When it died you could smell the "dead amp" smell of burnt electronics and it blew the inline fuse as well. Just for kicks I decided to put a new inline fuse in. It pops the fuse as soon as the system is powered on. All of that being said, I am trying to decide whether to have zed repair the amp and give it another try or sell it as a parts unit and pick up something new. I didn't even really get a feel for what the amp is capable of as I didn't turn the system up much past half way. Opinions and comments would be appreciated.